Adorned with exquisite pieces from Kettal, the Hôtel Richer de Belleval welcomes guests into an immersive world of luxury within an artistic setting.

Luxurious with an artistic twist, attention to detail is paramount at the Hôtel Richer de Belleval located at the heart of Montpellier in France. At every angle, there’s a riveting blend of local architecture and timeless elegance to create a memorable environment that will leave guests in awe.

A private mansion transformed into a “Relais&Châteaux” or Hotel-Restaurant, the hotel is designed as an enriching hotspot for lovers of art, culture, history and gastronomy – all without compromising the architectural heritage of the building.

“The spaces have been redesigned in collaboration with the architect Philippe Prost and the interior designer Christian Collot,” Kettal remarks. “The main objective is to find a balance of historical periods, generating harmony in the many zones.”

Floors, frescoes and paintings were preserved in their original forms, complementing the contemporary interior design and new art pieces that give the hotel a timeless vibe that draws from its rich history. Throughout these spaces, Kettal’s collection of furniture pieces plays a significant role in infusing the hotel with a distinctive atmosphere.

Roll chairs by Patricia Urquiola and Cala chairs by Doshi Levien placed atop colourful rugs perfectly anchor an elegant yet casual atmosphere in the interior courtyard. The Roll seating piece evokes a pleasant setting with its intriguing horizontal padded rolls. Framed by a graphical aluminium structure, the backrest becomes the focal point of the chair, while the cushions ensure optimal comfort. Cala chairs, on the other hand, lend a graceful demeanour to the space – thanks to their woven design and high-back appearance.

At the lounge, Boma sofas by Rodolfo Dordoni in dark green upholstery generate a classic-meets-chic appeal. With an aluminium structure supporting generous seats, the sofa offers multiple configurations to create flexible seating landscapes for social spaces.

The hotel features 15 rooms and five suites, each exclusively designed by Christian Collot, with a dream-like and cosy atmosphere using wood, velvet, eclectic tapestries and paintings to create an immersive artistic experience. A palette of blue tones, purple and scarlet night further enhance the rooms to complement the exquisite furnishing theme.

The mansion is also home to the GGL Foundation, whose primary mission is the dialogue between heritage and contemporary art. Four monumental contemporary works, commissioned by the Foundation, grace the ceilings of the building’s main areas, resonating with the historic decor.

whose primary mission is the dialogue between heritage and contemporary art. Four monumental contemporary works, commissioned by the Foundation, decorate the ceilings of the main areas of the building, echoing the historic decor.

Photo Credits: Jérôme Mondière, Fangchun XU, Alexia Roux

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