The beauty of nature serves as the inspiration behind B&B Italia’s latest outdoor furniture collection, which celebrates the enchanting allure of the great outdoors in iconic fashion.

B&B Italia continues to elevate its contemporary lifestyle philosophy by introducing four brand-new outdoor collections. The range features an array of stunning pieces created by the brand’s longstanding collaborators, including new designs that embody a leisurely spirit of outdoor living, as well as outdoor and al fresco renditions of their recent collections.

Following the blooming success of Borea, Piero Lissoni and B&B Italia embark on a new journey of design with their latest creation: Nooch, a masterpiece that ingeniously draws inspiration from the tropical garden of Nong Nooch in Thailand. Light, sturdy, and completely recyclable, this piece celebrates the beauty of simplicity by transforming elementary tubular structures. At the heart of this modular seating system is a tube-shaped element crafted from recycled aluminium, which gives way to Nooch’s iconic feature: an intersection of structural elements with an elegant elbow curve achieved by the way the aluminium bends. With Nooch, it’s an engineering and design feat that blends function and aesthetics, destined to leave an everlasting impression on all who behold it.

Next to grace B&B Italia’s outdoor collection is the Cordoba armchair by Foster+Partners Industrial Design Studio, which has been reinterpreted into a vibrant piece for outdoor spaces. While Cordoba keeps to the same impeccable design, comfort, and eco-consciousness as its indoor counterpart, this stylish seat takes on a series of new and meticulously selected materials. These include a natural teak wood frame to provide a solid foundation and a polypropylene-reinforced canvas cover for durability against the elements. The chair gives off a delightfully rough feel reminiscent of natural fabrics, while its covers come in four nature-inspired colours: green, blue, brick, and dove grey. Cordoba Outdoor also ensures that all its components can be separated and disposed of in the most sustainable way at the end of the product’s lifecycle.

Similarly, the crowd-favourite Flair O’ chair by Monica Armani re-emerges in an outdoor version that promises to delight the senses. Its frame, made of robust yet featherweight aluminium, is adorned with an intricate interlacing of polypropylene ribbons carefully crafted by hand. The chair maintains the geometric likeness of its indoor predecessor while exuding a distinct aura of resilience and strength, a perfect match for the outdoor environment. Meanwhile, Monica Armani’s Allure O’ table – a stunning tribute to contemporary elegance – is also available in an outdoor edition. The table maintains its graceful presence, striking a perfect balance between straight lines and curvaceous shapes.

To create a cohesive collection, both the Flair O’ chair and Allure O’ table are designed to work in harmony. The Flair O’ Outdoor chair now comes in two different heights, perfectly tailored to match the two height options of the Allure O’ Outdoor tables. The chair also features a choice of various hues, including night blue, clay, and dove grey. These colours can be paired with the Allure O’ Outdoor tables to create a bold and eye-catching outdoor seating landscape.

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