A perfect fit for luxurious spaces, Jalis and Elm by COR are designed to infuse a distinct aesthetic that elevates spaces to a higher level of style and function.

Tucked in the heart of Sorpesee, Germany where cultural and scenic attractions abound, Hotel Seegarten beckons with its charming yellow façade distinguishable by striped awnings. Inside, a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere ensues where unique seating landscapes by COR’s Jalis and Elm collections are strategically placed to bring out the hotel’s remarkable interior design.

Throughout the hotel, fair-faced concrete and glass surfaces provide transparency while infusing the key spaces with a touch of modernity. High-quality wood, lush fabrics and leather are also employed to convey warmth. The Jalis collection by COR takes centrestage as the pivotal piece to tie everything together into a harmonious whole. At the reception lounge, these ultra-cosy sofas with huge cushions are set atop stone slabs, instantly inviting guests to rest and relax on them.

“Jalis always gives the impression of a few loose cushions lying together,” says Jehs & Laub, designers of the Jalis collection. “Jalis can rest on pedestals, integrate or highlight tables, change levels and incorporate niches and floor recesses. No matter where it stands, its enclosing backrests and deep seats create a sense of security.”

For the suites, a warm and welcoming theme is prevalent. Here, upholstery landscapes from the Jalis collection which include beds, sofas and chairs come together to evoke a cosy, deluxe ambience. To create a more cohesive effect, Jalis sofas are paired with COR’s Elm collection, also developed by Jehs & Laub. Elm sofa sets feature curved wooden frames in oak, walnut or lacquered balanced by large, plush cushions, which, together with Jalis, offer a deeply comfortable seating experience.


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