Thanks to its versatile upholstered pieces, the modular Perry seating system heralds a new way of designing seating landscapes that go beyond the ordinary.

With its highly flexible design, the modular Perry seating system comprising versatile upholstered pieces can be assembled in various ways. Using modules with an irregular shape to break up straight-line compositions, this modular collection makes it possible to create unique seating configurations with a more casual and dynamic flow. For the modern home, Perry seamlessly offers plenty of versatility to create a new way of designing living spaces.

Perry impresses with its elegant appearance, where its adaptable form gives rise to a flexible style to fulfill different spatial requirements. The collection comes in a wide range of modules – stand-alone, L-shaped, asymmetrical seating components, ottomans, chaise longues, and storage components, which lets users create a variety of seating landscapes, from traditional stand-alone versions with scaled-down sizes to more complex and expansive solutions. Whether it’s for residential living spaces or public settings within a hotel or resort, Perry is designed to enliven spaces with a cordial and contemporary flair.

Some of the distinguishing characteristics of the Perry collection include soft curves, generously padded in goose down, calibrated proportions, and impeccable tailoring elements, such as the piping that outlines the silhouette of the upholstered pieces. Another interesting key feature of this seating system is the option to swap out typical upholstered armrests with a chic yet practical cowhide-covered container element that comes with a nifty compartment for storing throws, magazines, and books.