A true collector’s item, the Delta table is pure elegance embodied in solid wood with its delicate aesthetics and perfect craftsmanship featuring traditional joinery.

If you desire simplicity, Delta is an impeccable choice for a dining table. Solid wood dominates its aesthetics, resulting in a clean and uncluttered look. Diverting away from perfunctory elements, Delta’s design is kept pure and natural. With a slender top in ash, oak, or walnut, resting on four legs, the table gives you ample space to focus on what matters most.

Delta’s beauty secret rests in its perfect craftsmanship. Constructed using traditional joinery by master craftsmen, Delta is an impressive work of art, literally from every angle. Traditional dovetail joints give the tabletop stability, while its extremely fine finish gives Delta a visually delicate appearance. To achieve its refined profile yet maintain strength and stability, Delta’s slim legs, which taper out on the outer edges, are inserted directly into the tabletop using the dovetail joinery method.

There’s more to Delta than its elegant looks. It is also the perfect family table. This table grows with you, up to three metres in length, so that your loved ones can each have a seat at the table too. Just pull the front section slightly forward, and Delta would unfold into an extended top, blending seamlessly with the wood surface to offer more tabletop space. Almost any chair will fit this table. Whether it’s Jalis, Alvo, Fino, or Cordia from COR, Delta says yes to all of them.

Simple yet versatile, Delta is ideal for contemporary residences as well as hospitality spaces. Its expandable characteristics make it a space-saving feature, allowing you to truly optimise your key spaces.

“Delta doesn’t make a great to-do, but it does offer a great deal of space for one,” says COR. “The solid wood table comes without any extra paraphernalia, leaving its owner with plenty of space for their own. Delta itself impresses with perfect craftsmanship and high-quality materials.”


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