The contrast of natural elements in the imaginative Les Forêts series creates a stunning interplay of formats and textures, resulting in a mesmerising and beautiful wallcovering collection.

Nature is the muse behind the dreamy Les Forêts wallcovering collection. Crafted using natural materials like wood, raffia, and bark and adorned with forest patterns, the collection conjures the enigmatic ambience of dense woodlands, taking you on a journey through a wood-filled wonderland.

For instance, Dioré, inspired by the protected Forêt de Dioré on Réunion Island, is a modern, abstract interpretation of classic tapestries with a nuanced colour palette that resembles a hand-tufted carpet.

Natural fibres play a vital role in this collection. Éclat, meaning shine in French, features a large block pattern and a thin layer of real cork, offset by the subtle sheen. To generate a cosy appeal, Ajoura, crafted from high-quality wood veneer, offers a sense of warmth and joy.

The fibres also give way to a lighter touch, like Tresse, which features casual braids made of natural materials accentuated by a soft velour finish. In contrast, Ruban incorporates narrow raffia strips woven together with an ultra-fine thread to create a successful interplay of narrow and wide.

For a tropical touch, Infini and Tinto take cue from the exotic beauty of the banana tree. Infini features a unique combination of paper thread and handwoven banana leaf, while Tinto is made from dyed banana tree bark, which adds an organic touch to any wall with its natural colour variations and checkerboard pattern.