Gensler is a leading global architecture, design and planning firm with 52 locations across Asia, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and the Americas. Founded in 1965, the firm has over 4,300 active clients in virtually every industry and delivers projects at multiple scales — from planning and building entire cities to defining the future of places with projects that respond to the new way that people work and live and that reflect the most influential issues we’re facing today in climate change, inclusion, and community.

Gensler is a mission-driven firm, and it believes in making the world a better place through the power of design. “We’re deeply committed to shaping the future of the world’s cities,” commented David Calkins, Gensler’s Regional Managing Principal in Asia Pacific and Middle East. “There are several key aspects that go into this, including climate change and how we can design in a highly sustainable and reliant way. We’re also looking at the future of mobility in these cities, along with technology and smart cities. Our job is to make the world a better place. We’re the biggest purely architectural and design firm in the world,” David boasts. “We have more than 7,000 team members. We’re an incredibly diverse group, with a diversity of thought, which is important to us.” Gensler is widely recognised as the world’s leading collaborative design firm, not just the largest. The ability to work together as an integrated team is part of our DNA and we’ve embraced it at every level, from our Co-CEOs to our studios and project teams. The focus of Gensler leadership is on serving our clients effectively wherever they need our services. Our one-firm firm ethos saves time, cuts costs and delivers innovation. We offer the design industry’s deepest bench of expertise, matched with experience gained by working with our clients across the global economy. We bring that broad knowledge to bear on every project and location where we work.

We create memorable experiences. Our hospitality design team brings global perspective and unprecedented design expertise in planning, architecture, interior design, and branding to projects across every scale. Constantly seeking new ways to push the boundaries and create truly memorable spaces, Gensler partners with owners, developers, investors, operators, and brands to deliver distinctive, thought-provoking, and emotional connections to hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, bars, entertainment, fitness, and gaming environments. Dedicated to creating innovative and functional designs that cater to the unique needs of the hospitality industry, we believe that the spaces we create have the power to inspire and enrich the lives of those who experience them. Our award-winning designs drive extraordinary guest experiences, brand loyalty, and lasting value. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of hospitality design.

Gensler’s Signature Projects

A Symphony of Light and Shadow

Where tradition meets innovation, the Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya redefines Kuwait’s skyline with artistry and elegance. Amid the breath-taking panorama that ... read more

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