At the Mondrian Hotel in Doha, Cappellini’s iconic pieces seamlessly complement Marcel Wanders’ signature design language to create a multi-layered sensory experience.

Luxurious with a touch of whimsical elegance, the five-star Mondrian Hotel in Doha designed by Marcel Wanders presents a dazzling showcase of dramatic tones, expressive patterns, and mesmerizing details. Artistic and bold, the design evokes a uniquely complex atmosphere, which echoes Wander’s sense of irony. Nevertheless, the hotel’s prime spaces – from the indoor pool and gym to the restaurant and wine bar, hotel rooms and common lounges, were all ingeniously tempered with a sensible combination of traditional Arab elements and Western beauty.

“Many themes are layered in the hotel. With each individual space telling its own tale, guests have many different experiences, and therefore, weave for themselves a volume of stories to share,” Wanders explains.

The right furniture pieces were essential to bring out Wander’s vision for the hotel. In the lounge area next to the indoor pool, Dalia armchairs designed by Wanders for Cappellini beautifully complement the thematic space. With its sensual curves that bloom into a floral embrace, this iconic chair adds a contemporary appeal to the pool area.

At the hall and lounge, Tulip armchairs, also designed by Wanders himself for Cappellini, seamlessly blend with the architectural concept to generate a robust aesthetic appeal with its elongated, upbeat form. In fact, these beautiful seating pieces are such a perfect match that they nearly become elements of structural support in that space, thanks to their strong sculptural presence.

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