Sofas can be islands of pleasure and relaxation, as the Noonu sofa system personifies with its plush cushions and curved profile that lull you into a state of bliss.

Here is an island you won’t mind being stranded on. Noonu, a sofa system designed by Antonio Citterio, takes its name from Noonu in the Maldives, an atoll famed for its constellation of exclusive, unspoilt islands protected by a sprawling coral reef.

With the Noonu sofa, Citterio has taken the most relaxing aspects of island topography and translated it into a system of upholstery, where large, deep cushions create a vision of islands that seem to float and suspend into mid-air.

“Noonu is a fully-fledged domestic island,” says Citterio. “The theme of islands started back in the mid-’80s when we invented a selection of new types with the Sity line. We started referring to sofas with ‘peninsulas’ and ‘islands’. What’s new in Noonu is the apparently suspended seating, which extends all the way to the floor, and the new types of elements that lend a certain identity and richness to the design”.

Designed as a natural chaise lounge, Noonu’s voluptuous aesthetics come from a composition of four basic elements: a square and a rectangle, in addition to the brand-new “piano” and “sail” elements. The piano-inspired base forms an inviting curve within the backrest, merging with the generous, rounded volume in front that makes up the sail.

Noonu is beautifully upholstered in fabric with 12 colour variants: solid colours and mélanges of neutral hues, along with sophisticated shades of blue, green, red, and orange. The bold yet laid back hues blend seamlessly with a combination of different components within the Noonu collection, as well as other elements from B&B Italia’s collections, allowing the freedom of customised seating landscapes. Noonu’s base, which features a metal profile made from curved, pre-shaped aluminium strip, comes in various finishes: bright brushed, black chrome painted, and pewter grey painted. To offer more options, Noonu will also be available in leather upholstery.

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