Infused with a sense of heritage amid a contemporary canvas, Maha by Royal Thai weaves Bangkok’s unique cultural legacy into its lively range of vibrant and intricate carpets.

Cultural yet modern. Dazzling but down-to-earth. Maha brings the best of modern and traditional features together. Inspired by the captivating magic of Bangkok, the Maha rug collection delivers an exquisitely handcrafted rug collection designed with pure comfort and style – perfect for luxurious living spaces as well as hotels and resorts.

Maha encapsulates Bangkok’s unique urban essence, from its breathtaking scenery during the day to the neon pulses of its nightlife. The collection uses fine blends of wool and features a combination of rich textures, muted tones, and soft accents that reflect an elegant sophistication while paying homage to this lively Southeast Asian city.

“As the sun sets over the horizon, as twilight sets on the skyline, the calm energy felt is uniquely Maha-nakorn,” Royal Thai states.

For instance, the Junction series combines an abstract overview of Bangkok’s urban sprawl using a geometrical language to create a dynamic but subtle aesthetic. For a more traditional touch, the Silk series reminisces classical Southeast Asian motifs while exuding a simple yet ornate appearance. Whichever style catches your fancy, Maha suits a variety of settings.

Available in two colour-coded categories, Maha presents a variety of styles ranging from retro-inspired patterns to complex geometrical designs. Take the Fasaang series, for example. Thanks to its asymmetrical design, it’s incredibly versatile, accentuating a clean yet muted, quirky demeanour. Depending on the hue of your choice from the two types of colour groups, Fasaang can seamlessly match your desired specifications.

Like its Fasaang counterpart, the Withee series espouses simplicity and minimalism but conforms to a more traditional and straightforward design. Its simple motifs further evoke a sense of order, making it ideally suited for rooms with natural colour palettes and hues. Available in custom sizes, it is a versatile piece to blend with different furnishing themes.

Comfort and style aside, these handcrafted carpets are intrinsically made by talented craftsmen based in Thailand to retain the region’s arts and crafts heritage. With over 20 exclusive handcrafted rug designs in four classic colours and three standard sizes, the Royal Thai team also offers full customisation and requests that can be tailored to suit your needs.