Whether you desire a symmetrical or asymmetrical seating landscape, for formal or casual use, the immensely adaptable Standard sofa says yes to all of them.

When Francesco Binfaré created the Standard sofa for Edra, there were high expectations for this seating piece: the sofa has to conform to the highest level of human comfort while standing in the spotlight as a sensual object of desire. Thanks to Binfaré ingenious creative vision and Edra’s meticulous technological research, Standard emerges as one of the most highly adaptable modular sofas within Edra’s collection, meeting and exceeding every one of stringent criteria put onto it.

“One evening at home, sitting in front of an old pillow-couch, I imagined that the intelligence of movement, that I so love to devise, could be inserted into a big pillow. And then the pillow would become a standard element, to be mounted on a seat to work as both armrest and backrest,” Binfaré explained the concept behind Standard.

Based on Binfaré’s initial idea, pure modular flexibility highlights the foundation from which Standard is designed, so that a wide variety of configurations is possible. Whichever sitting position is preferred, Standard ensures maximum comfort by allowing different shapes and depths to be achieved. However, the real experience of comfort comes from Standard’s exclusive smart cushion, a key element which serves as the backrest and armrest.

Adjustable in a number of ways, each of these large cushions is individually adjustable and can be reclined in every direction, offering fluid movements to allow total freedom of function and positions. Within the cushion, special joints along with a special filler called Gellyfoam® further enhance the sofa’s softness while providing firm support and durability. Sofa covers are removable and various finishes from leather to a plethora of fabric choices are available, which makes this modular sofa an aesthetically versatile piece as well.


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