Designed to promote well-being in the bedroom, the Bio-mbo bed ensures quality sleep and total comfort all night long.

Sweet dreams are just a good night’s sleep away with the ultra-cosy Bio-mbo bed. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, the bed reinvents the concept of an intimate and healthy sleep environment by pairing wellness functions from Cassina Lab with the designer’s thoughtful details.

Contemporary in form, the Bio-mbo bed features a distinctive padded headboard with horizontal quilting. There are also two mobile side wings with storage pockets and leather handles for users to store their personal items. In terms of its wellness features, Bio-mbo incorporates an air purification mechanism via the theBreath® fabric, a patented technology that captures and disaggregates polluting particles without the use of energy sources. The bed also features Soundfil®, a hygienic, non-toxic, ecological and recyclable sound-absorbing panel fitted in the padded fabric headboard.

Created as a versatile and independent unit, the Bio-mbo collection adapts effortlessly into any interior environment. Users can choose from a high or low headboard that comes with external quilting, which allows the bed to be placed in the centre of the room, or without quilting as well as with or without storage pockets or side wings, resulting in a total of eight configurations. The bed comes complete with an optional lamp and the Bio-mbo bedside table featuring a curved plated metal side panel. Users can also opt for Rondos sideboards which are available in two different sizes.