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By hospitality interior design studio or public relations agency

If you are looking to put your company’s signature hospitality design projects in the spotlight, H+R is the ideal platform! As one of the industry’s premier resources for all things hospitality design, H+R engages the industry’s audiences with brilliant ideas for hospitality design.

Throughout our years of collaboration with different world-renowned hospitality design studios, many studios have found H+R to be the perfect media partner. Each edition of H+R reserves exclusive editorial space for just one individual hospitality design studio, this special focus is given to the featured studio to showcase their best works.

Editorial space allocated to a featured hospitality design studio:

  • 1 x page – Front Cover
  • 2 x page – Company Profile
  • 90 x page – 9 up to 11 Signature Projects (local and overseas projects)

Benefits to each hospitality design studio:

  • Distribution of magazines in the Asia Pacific region.
  • The full version of the H+R digital edition is available via prime digital magazine platforms.
  • All signature projects featured in the magazine will be published online on the H+R website and social media channels to generate higher engagement and reach out to a wider audience.

*  The reservation of editorial space is chargeable; H+R will provide the full details via email in accordance with the terms and conditions.
*  H+R reserves the right to reject the reservation if the projects do not meet our qualifying criteria and publication standards.

Completing the form below is the first step toward having your signature hospitality design project published to our readers.

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