With its ethereal design derived from the art of calligraphy, Inspiral makes a bold statement in any room, creating an atmosphere that is both dreamy and luxurious.

Imagine drawing with light and letting illuminated lines swirl across the room. Although it is momentary, it is a moment of beauty. Inspiral turns this ephemeral experience into an incredible lighting masterpiece.

Inspired by calligraphy, the Inspiral crystal lighting installation, part of the Preciosa Signature Design portfolio conveys the idea of writing with light. When switched on, Inspiral turns into a luminous ribbon that moves dynamically in space, sweeping through a room to create a shimmering effect.

According to Preciosa, Inspiral’s curves portray different orientations and depths, creating optically stronger and weaker lines, giving the installation a sense of three-dimensional dynamics.

“The beauty of calligraphy is really what inspired me to design this light,” explains Alena Hlavatá Nemcová, Preciosa Lighting Senior Designer. “The curves and swirls of the script are so compelling that I felt it could become an elegant lighting design.”

Inspiral’s signature shimmer is meticulously created using a unique stainless-steel ribbon that can be bent and shaped at will. The ribbon’s edges are lined with crystal cut prisms that capture light and reflect it in the colours of the rainbow, creating a luxurious and sparkling effect.

Contemporary in its appearance, Inspiral presents a beautiful palette of crystal and metal colour combinations. Elegant crystal, crystal frosted, or smoky crystal prisms pair impeccably with stainless steel, copper, gold, or black matte finish to produce a mesmerising lighting piece that blends effortlessly with modern interior themes.

A versatile lighting feature, Inspiral fits into a wide range of spaces. For large and public spaces, it is a visually stunning centrepiece. For smaller rooms, there is an option to create customised light. Due to its customisable feature, private residences along with hospitality spaces like lounges, waiting areas, hallways, and even guestrooms would benefit aesthetically from an Inspiral lighting feature. Installation is easy as it only requires setting it up using a few points and support cables. This means Inspiral can be hung freely so that it is visible from every angle, including the top.

“The flexibility of this fixture is really its most important element,” Nemcová adds. “The technology we created around the flexible steel ribbon puts creative control into the designer’s hands.”

Different typologies of Inspiral are possible as Preciosa offers a selection of pre-designed Inspiral models, which can be modified further to suit different specifications. Designers can also create their own composition or work with the Preciosa Design Team to produce a suitable typology for their projects. “Because of the numerous customisation options available, Inspiral is always personalised for you,” says Preciosa Lighting.