Inspired by Beppu’s panoramic views, Royal Thai carpets create an uplifting yet distinguished aesthetic at the Beppu Resort & Spa, conjuring a striking effect in the hotel’s key spaces.

Lush green scenery meets artistic decor: the ANA Intercontinental Beppu Resort & Spa in Beppu, Oita-Prefecture, Japan, is a perfect amalgamation of nature meets tradition. Renowned as one of Japan’s most beautiful onsen hot spring spa resorts, the hotel features a distinctive interior design that brings together many exquisite details. One of them is the breathtaking collection of floor coverings from Royal Thai, which plays a prominent role in the resort’s design concept.

At the lobby and public areas, a forest-inspired theme greets visitors warmly, ushering them into different spaces in an imaginative way. Throughout the hotel, it is akin to walking through trees in a forest, where the scenery changes – thanks to decorative elements like bamboo art and Onta-yaki pottery, complemented by Royal Thai’s hand-tufted carpet with bright Silken fibre accent. At the lobby bar, Royal Thai’s carpet with an enchanting motif brings out the vibrant space showcasing a feature wall with exquisite art pieces made by local Japanese artisans.

A soft atmosphere ensues in the meeting room and club lounge, where Royal Thai’s Axminster carpet with bright Silken fibre accent in elegant tones set the stage for a cosy social space to network and get together. Similarly, dazzling Axminster carpeting with geometric motifs enhances the seating landscape comprising woven furniture in the restaurant.

“Royal Thai is a leading global producer of the Axminster weave, which is widely recognised as the world’s most durable type of carpet. Machine-woven from high-quality yarns into a single, highly stable construction, this enduring classic provides a sturdiness that’s ideal for demanding, high foot traffic spaces such as hotels, casinos, airports and convention centres,” Royal Thai says.

Carpets with the Silken fibre technique are seen once again at the spa and the guest suites. Featuring two bath types – the first is a natural space with sculptural Kakeyu rock, the other being a serene space with Hinoki bath frame and a picture window – the spa also offers guests beautiful views of the Beppu Bay as they rejuvenate their body and spirit at the Onsen areas. Royal Thai’s carpet design takes cue from the surrounding landscape vistas, resulting in charming patterns and tones to match the calm and tranquil ambience in the spa and suites.

“Royal Thai carpet with Silken fibre is an innovative technique used to elevate the hotel’s unique carpet creations,” explains the floor covering brand. “With fully customisable pattern and colour capabilities, these textural finishes will inspire any designer to confidently include additional accents into their designs without compromising the high-performance aesthetic in hospitality interiors.”