Kettal’s innovative collection plays a significant role in transforming the picturesque Smiths Beach Resort into a mesmerizing sanctuary brimming with distinctive beachside luxury.

The sunlit sandy beach and lush forest landscape at Western Australia’s Margaret River Region, Yallingup serve as the perfect backdrop for the iconic Smiths Beach Resort. Situated within a National Park, this resort has been recently refurbished with a refreshed contemporary theme by Mobilia, an Australian company specialising in high-end furniture. Taking on an understated and elegant theme, the new look of this luxurious beachside resort brings together a tasteful palette of locally made custom pieces as well as exquisite furnishing from world-renowned designer brands including Kettal, Marset, Joquer, Fritz Hansen, Vondom and Inclass.

As the architecturally designed resort is nestled in between the oceanfront and a natural reserve, the furnishing concept leans towards a sophisticated interplay of contrasting tones inspired by these two different environments. This is achieved using a careful selection of modern furnishings where furniture with clean lines and warm earthy tones of oak and grey blend in perfect harmony with small touches of blue and green hues to reflect the two contrasting landscapes.

According to Mobilia’s Director Salvatore Fazzari, colours and simple understated forms were important when it came to the choice of furniture. “We had to select furniture that was extremely hard-wearing and of very high commercial standards considering the application and the exposure to the natural elements as well as the resort’s close vicinity to the ocean and the reserve,” Fazzari adds.

To achieve the desired look and feel for the resort’s semi-outdoor spaces, Kettal collection has been selected as one of the key elements to strengthen the luxurious palette while imbuing the stylistic concept with a distinctive aesthetic. For example, at the balcony of one of the suites which look out to the verdant surroundings, the Kettal Landscape collection by Kettal Studio works hand-in-hand with accent furniture from Kettal Zigzag collection by Emilia Design Studio to create a minimalist yet refined ambience.

“Its rationalist construction seeks to give order, form and structure to the outdoor space, although, in terms of function, it has been designed to give shelter: to shade and cool or protect from the rain and wind,” the designer of Kettal Landscape remarks, exemplifying how this collection impeccably reflects the resort’s natural surroundings in a cohesive manner.

At the balcony of another suite, furniture pieces from the Triconfort Riba collection by Kettal Studio set off a cosy yet balmy look with their nature-inspired fibres. “This collection mixes ancestral techniques such as the braiding of natural fibres with aluminium, a material that had its heyday in the fifties. Now, the metal frame replaces traditional wood, while natural fibre has been replaced with a synthetic material in order to provide greater weather resistance,” the designer of the Triconfort Riba collection says.

Kettal outdoor pieces are also paired with Kettal Outdoor Cushions featuring Terrain and Geometrics Fabrics by Doshi Levien to give these spaces a unique design personality that is effortlessly light, yet vibrantly classy.

“The resort has long seduced its visitors with the natural beauty that surrounds it, and we were fascinated by the way the resort is nested so delicately between the vegetation and the ocean,” Fazzari says. “We wanted to be respectful to that balance and the purity of the surroundings, compliment the timelessness of the architecture and enhance the experience of the resort by recreating that delicate sense of luxury in a relaxed, natural manner.”

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