Founded in Hong Kong in 1999, architect Terence Ngan and interior designer Ed Ng created a design studio called AB Concept. Over 20 years, the duo has built a global portfolio of commercial and residential interiors, bringing the values of their clients to life in physical space with soul. Their partnering in creativity with many of the world’s leading hospitality brands created compelling interior environments that make people feel present in the moment. Terence and Ed believe that the power of good design is crucial to shaping human experience and leaving a positive imprint on the minds, enhancing the quality of life; enabling people to be themselves, to be together, to be present, to be moved and inspired. Ultimately, design is about being.

The projects handled by AB Concept combine architecture, interiors, and creative direction. Their understanding of people and space, and how to bring the two together capture a feeling in any spatial experience. AB Concept designs explore the interplay of contrasting elements: craft and industry, scale and intimacy, big impression, and small detail. Their love for interiors is expressed in time and place, to celebrate time-honoured skills, cultural nuances, and local traditions. Textural richness engages people on a sensual and sensory level for emotional impact. AB Concept goes beyond decoration to create spaces that are robust and splendid in feeling and function.

AB Concept understands their projects have a shared approach more than a shared aesthetic. They bring the ideas to life in layout, materials, furnishing, and detail, with acute attention to how spaces work optimally and feel special, simultaneously. Touchpoints are taken seriously; this is where people feel good about design. Attention to every detail, seen and unseen, brings integrity to the practice and projects of AB Concept, and especially true when it comes to designing memorable impressions, from first encounters to lasting memories. Terence and Ed work as chefs to explore different ingredients and their combinations to create a unique experience – a manifestation of passionate pursuit and an expression of love; that awakens senses in a moment and can leave an imprint on people’s minds forever.

Design as a lens for the experience spanning across cultures and latitude. Design is a window to the world. It shapes the emotion and action, the thinking and the memories, about the people and places, cultures and time. Design is a valuable and evolving tool, a science and a craft combined. By understanding people, the design reflects where people are and how people become together.

AB Concept’s Signature Projects

At Home in the Restaurant

The Restaurant is the Secondary Outpost to the Original Paper Moon, adjacent to Via Monte Napoleone, the City’s Chicest and Most Fashionable Restaurant. Milan ... read more

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