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The Design Resources encompass classic and contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories for hospitality interiors.

Ode to Outdoor Living

Kettal has upped its game with a pergola that packs a punch, and makes a style statement to embrace outdoor living, come rain or shine. Step into ... read more

Crafted for Chic Conviviality

Modern chic meets conviviality, Giorgetti’s G-Code Desk stands poised to take centre stage, inviting all to partake of its symphony of style and substance. Transcending mere utility, ... read more

Artistry Meets Artisanship

In a fitting homage to the newly-refurbished Intercontinental Bangkok, Royal Thai, in collaboration with P49 Deesign, rolled out a bespoke collection of applause-eliciting luxury hospitality carpets to ... read more

Let There Be Sparkle

A dazzling tribute to the universe’s vast expanse, the customisable Raw Crystal is an orchestration of celestial elegance, a cosmic waltz captured in crystalline splendour. Be transported ... read more

Of Sicilian Sun and Sea

The eco-friendly Eolias collection by Kettal captures the Sicilian sun and sea in its design, easily encapsulating the charm and breezy spirit of the Mediterranean. The Eolias ... read more

Illuminating Elegance & Poise

Transcending mere functionality, the Ballet collection by Brand van Egmond is a symphony of light, agility and poise, paying homage to the exquisite movements of a ballerina. ... read more

Journey to the Cosmos

With its dazzling designs, Royal Thai carpeting is the perfect finishing touch to bring the space-inspired theme to life at the Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya. In ... read more

Classic Comfort Re-Imagined

The Shrimp23 is a stunning re-interpretation of the Shrimp easy chair, providing proof that while a classic should never be tampered with, there can still be room ... read more

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