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The Great Eastern Hotel is one of the classic glamorous London rail terminus hotels. Like many of its bethren, it fell out of favour and into disrepair until a renovation by Maser Practice and Conran and Partners gave it a new lease of life the late Nineties. It became a real destination for artists, creatives and City types alike.

Subsequently, the Hyatt Hotel Group acquired the building and relaunched it as the very first Andaz-branded hotel. Since the opening of Andaz Liverpool Street, other hotels around the world have joined the Andaz collection, each with a completely distinct, lifestyle-focused, contextual identity that responds to its individual surroundings.

Nearly two decades after the opening of the original reimagined Great Eastern Hotel, Conran and Partners was appointed by Hyatt to return to renovate the guest rooms in line with the current Andaz brand DNA. The rooms had truly stood the test of time having lasted two decades and a new brand incarnation.

Tasked with infusing the guest rooms and corridors with renewed vitality while staying true to the brand’s ethos of individuality and contextual identity, the firm embarked on a journey to reimagine the guest experience, ensuring that each room reflects the distinctive spirit of Andaz while honouring the heritage of the iconic hotel.

Hyatt were keen on a very London focused design to honour its location, so Conran and Partners explored the idea of ‘the City meets Shoreditch’ to create a design that seamlessly weaves together the distinctive characteristics of these two locales. Through a thoughtful and innovative design approach, the final result encapsulates a narrative that beautifully unfolds the unique essence of both the urban sophistication of the City and the vibrant, eclectic spirit of Shoreditch, harmoniously converging into a cohesive and captivating design.

The 267 guest rooms are all different and uniquely laid out as is often the case with historic hotels. The practice therefore created an approach which allowed for a cohesive aesthetic, with standardised focal elements and artwork that could be adapted to different layouts and configurations. Drawing inspiration from the City, Conran and Partners developed a series of design elements rooted in the timeless elegance of formal tailoring. Every detail was meticulously curated to mirror the sophistication and refinement synonymous with tailored attire. Pinstripe carpets evoke the sleek lines and structured patterns of a bespoke suit, while crisp detailing and classic tonal materiality exude a sense of understated luxury and sophistication. The lush curtains carry on a dado line introduced in the rooms, which also conceals a new LED uplighting to modernise the outdated lighting scheme in the hotel.

From Shoreditch, a neighbourhood renowned for its long-established artistic and urban identity, Conran and Partners drew inspiration to infuse the design with edgy and unconventional elements. Embracing the vibrant spirit of the area, the practice introduced a dynamic interplay of art and lighting to the space, adding layers of creativity and individuality. Bold photographic artworks adorn the walls, injecting bursts of colour and energy, while ‘tattoed’ concrete panels in the minbar and headboard leather panels bring and urban grittiness.

Collaborating with local tattoo artist Sophie Mo, Conran and Partners used her illustrations for these bespoke leather headboards and splashbacks in the mini bar as well as bathrooms.

Feature lighting fixtures and the new LED lighting cast dramatic shadows and illuminate the space with a sense of intrigue. These edgy notes pay homage to Shoreditch’s rich cultural tapestry, celebrating its unique heritage and eclectic charm, while also imbuing the design with a contemporary flair that resonates with the neighbourhood’s dynamic ethos.

This innovative approach transforms the space into a vibrant lifestyle destination, seamlessly blending elements of the surrounding neighbourhood with the now iconic Andaz brand ethos. Every aspect of the design, from the sleek furnishings to the curated artwork, contributes to a unique and immersive experience that not only pays homage to the building’s rich heritage but also embodies the distinctive essence of the Andaz brand.

Project: QO
Location: Amsterdam, Netherland
Design Studio: Conran and Partners
Photo Credits: IHG
Website: conranandpartners.com

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