With Giorgetti’s exceptionally versatile Skyline modular system, the sky’s the limit when it comes to finding the perfect sofa composition to complement a diversity of living styles.

However you desire to sit and relax, there are more than one ways to find your sweet spot with Giorgetti’s Skyline modular sofa system. Designed by renowned Italian designer Carlo Colombo, Skyline is a picture-perfect expression of modularity in an elegantly simplistic form. Whether it’s a mini or maxi you are going for, this highly flexible sofa can be reconfigured into multiple configurations to fit different interior requirements.

Available in different lengths, this modular sofa can be made more complete with different supporting elements like armrests which comes in two heights and three styles, as well as corner tables and low tables. Presented this year is the new Skyline corner table which adds a touch of sophisticated flair to the collection with its interplay of geometric solids and voids.

Beyond Skyline’s stylish simplicity, the sofa conceals one of its best kept secrets to keep you coming back for more – a cutting edge mechanism that allows the headrest to be effortlessly reclined so that you are ergonomically pampered from head to toe. The sofa set also comes with goose down padding and a totally removable cover for added convenience and comfort.