Bringing light into this iconic building that had more than a century of dark and infamous secrets. Illuminate Lighting Design collaborated closely with HBA to pay tribute to the past times of the Great Scotland Yard.

The former headquarters of Britain’s Metro-politan Police has been converted into a 153-room hotel and while it caters to meet the needs of a luxury hotel, it is a destination that invites guests to journey through various experiences, as opposed to a collection of spaces. The property is designed as a collection of food and beverage outlets orchestrated by celebrity chef Robin Gill and it has co-working areas downstairs. The atmosphere of each outlet is unique, however, each one has to connect to the others and this is where lighting comes into play. Good lighting design helps to narrate the story of the place.

“The decorative lighting forms part of the overall interior design as it is in such close proximity, so it all had to flow together. With this in mind, the same inspiration for the interior design flowed through to the decorative lighting selections as well,” said Riku DeKock of Illuminate Lighting Design.

At the entrance, a decorative Preciosa Lighting piece titled ‘Exploding Clock’ signifies that the guest is entering a place full of history. As one journey down to the lounge that leads to various social venues, a good balance of accent and ambient lighting give prominence to the sculpted interiors and eclectic decorative elements.

Forty Elephants, the main hotel bar drew inspiration from the 19th and 20th century all-female London crime syndicate who specialised in shoplifting. As such, a notable custom chandelier was created through a series of broken glass to signify the way the female gangsters would break into stores in the London area.

Behind a secret door takes one to the Sibin Whiskey Club where spaces are divided by light-filled whiskey display cabinets on wheels that also lend a soft, glowing ambient to the bar. The Parlour bar which sits elsewhere in the hotel exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere from its ceiling lights.

A barrelled ceiling, vintage lamps, and various off-the-shelf lighting pieces from UK-based Celsom set the scene of a home-away-from-home environment within The Yard, the hotel’s local restaurant destination.

Each area of Grace and Favour, a working space in the hotel, is properly curated and complemented by Ingo Maurer’s Tu-Be light fixture to provide guests a way to do business within the comforts of a home.

Photo Credits: Will Pryce

Project: Great Scotland Yard
Location: London, United Kingdom
Design Studio: HBA