Conran and Partners blends rich history with contemporary design where innovation and authenticity flourish in the heart of Krakow’s cultural hub.

Providing an unconventional combination of charming and cheeky; PURO embraces the rich history and vibrant community of the Kazimierz neighbourhood, maintaining its true bohemian culture and providing a relaxing rest stop to an international network of visitors.

The Kazimierz neighbourhood is a hub for design innovation whilst preserving the area’s cultural roots, embracing innovation whilst giving visitors a visual journey through its rich history and contemporary culture. Conran and Partners’ design represents a fusion between the energy, history, authenticity and art culture of its location and the dynamic, progressive brand principles of PURO, demonstrating its passion for contemporary art, design-led furniture and forward-looking hospitality. This conceptual narrative has provided a rich source of inspiration for the creation of a unique PURO hotel which is firmly grounded in its location.

ASW Architekci led the architectural side of the design, crafting a stripped-back brickwork building that pays homage to the area’s rich history. Conran and Partners’ interior design offering seamlessly complements and enhances the architectural work, creating a harmonious environment that celebrates the building’s heritage while providing a contemporary and inviting space for guests to enjoy.

The design creates a welcoming 228-room hotel with a residential atmosphere, designed to encourage guests to inhabit the ground floor spaces, throughout the day. The hotel envelopes guests in a distinct hygge style with lighting by &Tradition and furniture crafted by Carl Hansen & Son to Moroso and Baxter and Fogia.

The two characterful eateries – the MAK café and the Halicka restaurant offer a blend of indoor and outdoor dining areas, each boasting intimate pockets of space for guests to savour culinary delights in a relaxed setting. The practice intensely researched how the spaces could function and flow together harmoniously, despite having their own memorable and individual identities. Also ensuring that they authentically blend into the Kazimierz neighbourhood for both guests and locals alike to enjoy.

The guest rooms and suites are lifted by a layered range of textures, including timber floors and vibrant tilework for the shower rooms. Space-saving design features help enhance the sense of light and volume in the smaller rooms especially, with sliding screens to separate sleeping areas and bathrooms, ensuring both functionality and style.

The Prisma spa seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with natural elements. The bold graphic elements of emerald-coloured tiles, vivid pink flooring, and saturated blue ceiling create a visually stunning environment. The fusion of industrial finishes with vibrant hues not only energises the space but also offers guests an immersive oasis of relaxation and renewal, where every design detail contributes to a luxurious and rejuvenating experience.

PURO stands as a vibrant testament to innovation and authenticity, celebrating the city’s rich heritage while embracing a bold, forward-thinking vision. Whether immersing oneself in the vibrant art culture or simply savouring a moment of tranquillity in the spa, guests are invited to embark on a captivating journey of discovery and delight at PURO, where charm and cheekiness converge to create an unforgettable hospitality experience.

Project: PURO
Location: Kraków, Poland
Design Studio: Conran and Partners
Photo Credits: Anna Stathaki

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