Against the backdrop of The Blue Lagoon’s ethereal landscape and inspired interior spaces, B&B Italia’s exquisitely-designed collections perfectly infuse the resort with an enchanting stylish expression.

Man and nature come together in perfect harmony at The Blue Lagoon, famed for its geothermal seawater pool that offers a plethora of healing benefits. The resort is tucked in the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwest Iceland, a destination brimming with lava-laden landscapes and cone-shaped volcanoes. With millions of tourists flocking to its milky-blue lagoon annually, The Blue Lagoon also incorporates the Retreat, a fully facilitated resort hotel right next to the pool to give guests an all-encompassing holiday experience.

Designed by Design Group Italia and Basalt Architects, the Retreat’s interior spaces are inspired by the surrounding picturesque geography. From the lobby, restaurant and library to the suites and spa, a concept of simplicity is prevalent, achieved through minimalist forms, a palette of serene tones and meticulous attention to materials. To key in a unique sense of refined luxury, the resort worked together with B&B Italia to furnish most of the hotel areas, including the decorative lighting of the hotel, restaurant, library and spa. The interiors also feature an extensive number of custom-made furnishings by B&B Italia, designed exclusively for the Retreat by Design Group Italia.

In the lobby, the reception counter is crafted by B&B Italia from black lacquered wood, cognac leather and lava stone sourced from the lava flow around the resort. The brand also designed a large wooden cupboard with black shelves at the entrance, placing it lengthwise at the lobby to frame the lagoon outside. Versatile furniture pieces from both B&B Italia (Mart armchairs and the Michel Club seating system) and Maxalto collections (Febo armchairs) can be seen within the main spaces in the hotel, along with Fat-Fat and Lady Fat ottomans, Édouard armchairs and Diesis small tables (all from B&B Italia) to enrich the environment.

Throughout the hotel, B&B Italia put a strong emphasis on the material choice to bring out a distinctive theme. Over at the Moss Restaurant, the intimate dining area is made more elegant by B&B Italia’s Canaletto walnut and black oak tables, designed exclusively by Design Group Italia, as well as the
C-shaped Chef Table in Canaletto walnut and lava stone. Visitors who arrive at The Spa will be impressed by the reception desk custom-made by B&B Italia using pure white OKITE® quartz/resin material.

The brand also supplied the upholstered pieces in different rooms as well as a custom-designed kitchen-bar in the private spa suite, Lava Cove. At the suites, a distinctive palette is employed to reflect the colours of nature outside, matched by B&B Italia’s closets, side tables, bedrests, vanity tables for the bathrooms and panelling in Canaletto walnut, with a special finishing to complete the sensorial experience.

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