Beyond its catchy name, Philippe Starck’s Oh, it rains! collection elegantly complements outdoor spaces with surprising twists, no matter if it rains or shines outside.

With a whimsical name like Oh, it rains!, Philippe Starck’s very first outdoor collection for B&B Italia is definitely unforgettable. As one of the three new outdoor collections that highlight B&B Italia’s 2020 line-up, Oh, it rains! which comprises an outdoor sofa and armchair, expresses the ingenuity and irony of Starck’s imaginative style without compromising high functionality.

At first impression, Oh, it rains! catches the eye immediately with its generous flat backrest that contrasts with the wholesome form of its seat. Impeccably ergonomic, the large backrest forms an intimate space that provides a sense of cosy luxury when it’s a good day outside. During bad weather, the backrest can be reclined all the way forward to cover the seat in a protective manner.

The reclining mechanism is made possible via an original aluminium mechanical joint that was collaboratively developed by the B&B Italia Research and Development Centre and Starck. This aluminium mechanism is more than just a utilitarian element that gives the outdoor sofa support and stability in any space or condition; it is also designed to be a visibly evocative feature that expresses an interplay between form and function.

“Oh, it rains! is an innovation. It is not about style, not about trend. It is only about the rain. It is high technology with high quality, high intelligence and comfort. It is very B&B Italia,” the designer remarks.

Oh, it rains! comes with waterproof raffia-inspired fabrics in a palette of warm and natural tones. Every part of the collection, including the backrest can be customised. When it reaches its final life cycle, each of the sofa pieces can also be completely disassembled to be disposed of in an appropriate way.

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