The design experience of Yun House takes guests on a tour of a son of a Canton master artist home decorated in rich Chinese heritage and Malaysian details and paying homage to a multi-cultural background.

Yun House is a Chinese restaurant located on the fifth floor of Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Situated in the shadows of the Petronas Twin Towers, the inspiration goal for Yun House is to create an experience for guests to commemorate a fusion of rich Chinese heritage and Malaysian culture.

Guests entering Yun House walk into a courtyard reception and are greeted by the maitre d’ at an illuminated onyx reception table along with a glamorous pewter panelled screen featuring moulded pattern of plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum, known as the Four Gentlemen in Chinese art, resembling the yearly Four Seasons.

Entering through the reception and onto the main dining room, a tea vestibule celebrates the Chinese heritage of tea pouring. Featuring ceiling-high metal structures where shelves along both sides of the corridor display pewter tea canisters often found in Malaysian homes. Lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling attracting patrons to taste traditional Chinese tea poured from behind clear panels.

Passing through grey ceiling-high doors, guests move onto the a la carte dining rooms that reflect Malaysia’s culture of congregating in a courtyard as a common area to engage in conversation. Pewter greys are used as the space’s base colour with a touch of brightly coloured floral and rose fabric on the dining chairs contrasting with cotton white table clothes. An ode to colonial Malaysian homes, shutters that open to mirror tall French windows line hang from the windows to represent traditional louvres that allow light and airflow. Ceiling lightings form an oval shape creating the feeling of congregating in a courtyard. A greenery wall mural in the dining rooms captivates guests’ eyes. While mounted dark railings on the top of the windows draw guests’ eyes to the view of Kuala Lumpur.

Five private dining rooms fittingly named Bamboo, Orchid, Peony, Lotus and Azalea rooms, entertain the most distinguished guests, arousing one’s taste palette with pops of concentrated colours, such as green tale found in the dining chairs creating contrast with the pewter grey theme of the restaurant. Light coloured carpets harmonize the private rooms. Large pewter metallic wall tiles are found across the room’s columns blending with the overall design. Remnants of the master artist’s craft are prevalent, particularly on the window columns that are treated with a moulded flower effect commonly found on pewter decorations.

Through The Lounge guests can encounter a secret door passageway that leads to Bar Trigona, creating a sense of exclusivity.

Bar Trigona
The two-levelled seating bar is illuminated by 52 strings of light and 715 pendant lamps, bringing elements of the shining lights and stars outside. Whilst hidden away from plain sight, the discreet getaway celebrates the art of Malaysian weaving techniques, adding texture for depth via leather, glass and bronze materials to balance out the 220 degree views of Kuala Lumpur’s urban jungle outside.

Over 15 types of imperial blue and teal fabrics adorn the walls and booths in Trigona Bar. The illuminated columns designed as shutters echo with colonial architecture, and serve as a display and storage for whiskey bottles. Eight Chinese yo-yo inspired lamps to hang atop the bartenders yoyoing back and forth mixing cocktails, and the 9,039 pieces of mirror on the wall and ceiling provided a backdrop of twinkling stars.

Imperial blues and teals make up the hip and exclusive bar called Bar Trigona. Whilst hidden away from plain sight, the discreet getaway celebrates the art of Malaysian weaving techniques that is reflected throughout the teal coloured walls with golden weaves. Leather, glass and bronze materials reproduce the traditional craft, adding texture for depth that balances Kuala Lumpur’s urban jungle down below.

Different facets of the bar are reflected off the ceiling’s kaleidoscope box, bringing in elements of the shining lights and stars outside.

Dark teal and pale rose fabrics on sofas and chairs make up the lounging areas where guests can relax and enjoy the evening. Lighting fixtures hung from the antique mirror ceiling lined along the windows help illuminate Kuala Lumpur’s skyline.

Project: Four Seasons
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Design Studio: AB Concept
Photo Credits: Owen Raggett

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