The Shrimp23 is a stunning re-interpretation of the Shrimp easy chair, providing proof that while a classic should never be tampered with, there can still be room for re-evaluation and refinement.

In the realm of seating furniture, innovation sometimes takes the form of re-evaluation rather than re-invention. Such is the case with the Shrimp23, a contemporary spin on the classic Shrimp easy chair from 2011 by COR.

The creative minds behind Shrimp23, the designer duo Jehs + Laub, while unwavering in honouring the essence of the iconic design, imbued it with a contemporary flair. After all, the seat shell of its precursor had earned a coveted place in design history. Even as the designers remained resolute in keeping the standout feature, they also recognized the need to adapt to modern tastes.

The major challenge for the designers was to maintain the side recesses, a feat they deftly pulled off by coordinating the cut and heft of the cushion with the shell’s contours. The Shrimp23 boasts a slightly larger and fuller cushion that tastefully measures up with the chair’s sturdy wooden shell.  The cushion not only amps up the cossetted feel but also provides a touch of sophistication. As it is loosely fitted within the shell, the cushion pulls double duty as armrest and back support.

The Shrimp’s signature silhouette, resembling the segmented body of a crustacean with a hard exterior, remains largely unchanged. The flexible bentwood shell and the generous side recesses, attest to both its aesthetic appeal and functionality. The new edition is available in oak or walnut veneer or lacquered finishes while the cushion, sheathed in either fabric or leather, complements the chair’s design and further emphasizes its laid-back persona.

In the final analysis, the Shrimp23, offered in two versions of lounge or cocktail chair, is versatile, can readily define vast spaces such as hotel foyers, and yet invite blissful cocooning in intimate settings.

Although ergonomics is commonly associated with office furniture, COR has nonetheless adopted this discipline for the Shrimp23 series to ensure a comfortable, user-centred experience. Both lounge chair and cocktail chair feature a four-star swivel base, while the former comes with a matching ottoman to elevate its feel-good factor.

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