Modern chic meets conviviality, Giorgetti’s G-Code Desk stands poised to take centre stage, inviting all to partake of its symphony of style and substance.

Transcending mere utility, Giorgetti’s G-Code Table, a merger of timber with metal, emerges as a captivating orchestration of elegance and functionality, the brainchild of Dante O. Benini and Luca Gonzo, an iconic design team.

The G-Code Table is a sculptural piece that exudes an aura that effortlessly commands attention. Its ample, slender top, delicately crafted from Canaletto walnut or marble, boasts a 30° beveled edge, beckoning relaxed conviviality in dining and collaborative settings.

The inspiration behind this structural crowd-pleaser can be traced to an encounter with a simple closing brush on a transcontinental journey. This desk stands not just as a piece of furniture but as a model of architectural feat—double-height, terraced, and resonating with light, hollows, and striking profiles.

What sets the G-Code Table apart isn’t just its stand-out silhouette; it’s the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail honed over 124 years of Giorgetti’s heritage. Its walnut structure dovetails with 158 hand-painted metal rods, lending a sense of solidity and airy lightness to the design.

But more than meets the eye, it’s a desk for the modern professional, seamlessly integrating technology and aesthetics. Concealed within its architectural design lies a treasure trove—a leather-covered desk pad to keep USB sockets out of sight, as well as compartments and cable passages astutely designed to ensure a clean and organised workspace. An inspection nook with lighting further facilitates cable management.

The G-Code Table comes with a discreet compartment aglow with dimmable LEDs, specifically dedicated for the use of guests. Accessories such as an automatic app-controlled closing system, can be added to drawers for enhanced convenience.

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