Preciosa Lighting evokes the infinite possibilities of light with the Pearl Curtain, a unique design concept that combines chandelier craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

The Pearl Curtain from Preciosa’s Signature Design series takes inspiration from the smooth folds and luxurious movements of fabrics, translating these characteristics into the art of lighting. Akin to draping layers of curtains in opulent spaces, Pearl Curtain expands the form and function of chandelier lighting, bringing it closer to the observer. The concept invites curiosity, beckoning the observer to wonder about “what’s behind the curtain”, offering an interactive yet corporeal experience of light and space in a single moment.

“Chandeliers are often relegated to the ceiling. This concept should motivate designers to stretch a chandelier from the ceiling all the way to the floor and use it as a curtain to define different zones within one space,” the brand elaborates. “A curtain, on the other hand, can create space by separation. It opens or closes, like on the theatre stage. Compared to a wall, it is a soft, sensual and intimate definer of space.”

Designed to create unique emotional experiences via the technology of light, Pearl Curtain is elegant in both its concept and construction. Multiple strands of “pearls” derived from specially made crystal spheres culminate into various compositions of curtain-like chandeliers that sweep dramatically across different directions. Here, the gentle movement seen in textile is reiterated into soft waves of vertical component groups that are best viewed from the side. As a whole, the design of this collection exudes a lavish geometrical impression with a definite contemporary style.

To generate the illuminated curtain effect, the spheres hang atop one another on a single suspension cable, creating a vertical cluster with a combination of different illumination methods, for example, injected light into the spheres, individual up-lights for each component cluster or simple downlights from the ceiling. According to Preciosa Lighting, dynamic light effects are achieved using DMX-controlled LED chips, which light at least one component in every component group.

A central element of the Pearl Curtain, as well as other Preciosa Lighting’s design concepts in the Signature Design series, the crystal spheres are unique to the brand. “These pearl-like spheres are a speciality of the Preciosa glassworks as not many manufacturers can handle the delicate material,” Preciosa explains. “The components are distinctive in the fact they are beautiful, whether lit or not. The spheres are also captivating elements during the day, under natural lighting conditions.”

Similar to curtains, the design of the Pearl Curtain allows for the “layering” of colours or materials. Thus, it can be customised to meet different design specifications. To offer more creative possibilities, the crystal spheres come in a rich palette of colours and various crystal types, including Bohemian Crystal, Glass, Triplex Opal, Bubbled, Handcut and more. Colours range from tones of greens, blues, reds, yellows and are also available in frosted versions.