Dynamically young in its design language, the Jalis Lounge easy chair is a modern take on the recliner to offer a holistic sense of comfort.

Whether our everyday spaces are a remote working zone, a cocoon for relaxing, or a social centre, they should always have a feel-good factor. Here’s where ergonomic, flexible, and timeless furniture is more in demand today than ever before.

To address the growing need for simple yet comfortable furnishing solutions, Stuttgart-based designers, Jehs+Laub, have been tinkering with how to expand on their folded seat cushion – a piece that has spotlighted COR’s iconic Jalis collection since 2010. Taking inspiration from their initial concept of ‘floating cushions that deliver relaxation’, the Jalis Lounge easy chair is eventually brought to life, expanding their current collection to provide homeowners with yet another functional yet stylish essential furniture complement their spaces.

“We always follow an idea and are faithful to it for a long time, developing it further,” says the designers. “For us, the product has to tell a story.”

The Jalis Lounge easy chair indeed has a unique story to tell. Firm and upholstered, at first glance, Lounge is unmistakably elegant with its visually accentuated colours that convey a sense of elegance and cosiness. But this chair offers more than its chic appearance.

Delve deeper, and you’d notice that the variant with a swivel base plate hides an invisible and integrated tilt mechanism that can gently tip the seat shell backwards, maximising comfort. That’s not all, as the armrest also conceals a release button which can be revealed with just one visual cue – a small tone-on-tone embroidered circle. The headrest and embroidered, upholstered back follow through by offering greater support and pleasure. If you need to adjust the chair further, you can tilt it back to 20 degrees due to its light and sculptural design.

The Lounge chair is available in a variety of fabrics and leathers from the COR collection with the addition of a contour seam tape in four distinct colours. Frame versions make an appearance in a range of colours and feature fixed wireframes or swivel plate bases with built-in tilting mechanisms. Stools are optional additions but serve to further complement this ultra-trendy yet timeless chair.


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