A tribute to the beauty of sparkling diamonds, the Diamond Cloud installation from Preciosa epitomises the art of highly cultivated crystal and light.

The sparkling glimmer of a diamond. The shining stars across the midnight sky. Sparkles are everywhere, illuminating life with pure poetic beauty. From the rising sun peeking over the horizon to the single dewdrop that catches the sunrays, sparkle means light, and light means life.

The enchanting nature of sparkles is the inspiration behind Preciosa Lighting’s Diamond Cloud installation. With its unique Bohemian cut, this lighting fixture is designed to infuse spaces with a sparkling brilliance reminiscent of a shimmering diamond.

“A diamond’s sparkle comes from its facets. The same happens when you cut glass. In fact, there’s a traditional Bohemian cut called the Diamond Cut which mimics the cuts a diamond cutter makes,” says the Preciosa Design Team.

Led by Creative Directors Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug, the design team created a breathtaking design concept with the Diamond Cut taking prominence. Aptly named Diamond Cloud, the cut, along with the strategic arrangement and suspension of the components, highlight this exquisite fixture.

A significant addition to Preciosa Lighting’s Signature Design collection, Diamond Cloud features a diversity of layers and components. Each side of the light’s patterns looks distinctively different due to a variety of surface treatments. Diamond Cloud’s unique effect also comes from the precise placement and number of suspensions based on specific sizes, construction principles, and illumination methods. According to the design team, the configuration is important because if the faceted crystals were misaligned, it would result in a chaotic installation.

“Our aim with Diamond Cloud was to reduce the amount of crystal components to the relevant amount and align them correctly,” says Mr. Vasku. “Once they are properly oriented, they appear organized but still maintain the sparkling quality that communicates the use of a precious material.”

The fixture comes with clear components with polished cuts that reflect light for a sparkling and dramatic outcome, as well as frosted components which absorb light to generate a glowing effect. These two components are in contrast with one another, which optically increases the separation of individual component lines.

Diamond Cloud is also highly versatile. Designers can opt for clear or frosted components and select a particular fixture size and shape. There is also the choice of a static or a dynamic installation using RGBW features.


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