Experience a fusion of Nashville’s heritage and enduring design at Kimpton Aertson Hotel, where guests find comfort, artistry, and an immersive journey through elegant spaces.

In the lively heart of Nashville, where the city’s soulful beat meets refined luxury, an exclusive retreat awaits those seeking an exceptional escape. The Kimpton Aertson Hotel, artfully crafted by Gensler, goes above and beyond the norm. It seamlessly merges history, culture, and distinctive design, inviting travellers to revel in comfort, sophistication, and a genuine feeling of belonging.

Tucked within the vibrant district of Nashville’s Midtown, the Kimpton Aertson Hotel pays homage to the city’s rich heritage and vibrant art scene. Its architecture honours the legacy of Cornelius Vanderbilt and the neighbouring Vanderbilt University campus, an embodiment of ambition and contribution. Gensler’s interior design transforms this boutique gem into a living masterpiece, paying homage to Nashville’s diverse character.

Upon stepping into the lobby, guests are greeted with a sense of familiarity, akin to entering the elegant living room of a dear friend. The interior design seamlessly blends textures, materials, and spaces that capture Nashville’s rustic allure. Gensler’s designer aimed to create an environment where visitors feel like cherished guests in a thoughtfully designed home, rather than ordinary travellers in a run-of-the-mill hotel.

Art is woven into the heart of the Kimpton Aertson Hotel, elevating every space with a multi-sensory experience. Gallery-like areas showcase curated installations—a dynamic fusion of creativity and authenticity that resonates with the hotel’s vibrant ambiance. The reception desk, a masterpiece crafted from dyed rope, embodies the hotel’s essence—art and functionality in perfect harmony. The colour palette features soothing natural tones and sophisticated blues, harmonizing with metal accents and natural woods, creating an atmosphere of refined craftsmanship. This artistic blend carries throughout the entire hotel, inviting guests on a tactile journey through textures and materials that highlight Nashville’s allure.

For those seeking a seamless balance between work and leisure, the Kimpton Aertson Hotel’s conference centre and ballroom stand as an embodiment of sophistication and practicality. These spaces, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, have been thoughtfully curated to serve as a refined solution, accommodating an array of events across the spectrum – from intimate gatherings that resonate with warmth and camaraderie to grand celebrations that exude magnificence and jubilation.

What truly distinguishes these spaces is their seamless integration into the overarching design and ambiance of the Kimpton Aertson Hotel. Mirroring the hotel’s distinctive aesthetic and embracing its ethos, the conference centre and ballroom become an extension of the immersive environment that pervades every corner of this enchanting abode. The same harmonious blend of textures, colours, and materials that evoke Nashville’s rustic charm extends effortlessly into these spaces, ensuring a continuity of experience that envelops guests in an atmosphere of timeless elegance.

Every corner of the Kimpton Aertson Hotel narrates a story—a tribute to Nashville’s history, a celebration of its present, and an embrace of its future. From the enchanting lobby to the meticulously curated art installations, from the expansive meeting areas to the gallery-like spaces, the hotel offers an extraordinary journey that transcends the ordinary concept of hospitality. As guests traverse its corridors and indulge in its comforts, they become part of a narrative that bridges tradition with modernity.

Project: Kimpton Aertson Hotel
Location: Tennessee, U.S.A
Design Studio: Gensler
Photo Credits: Andrew Bordwin
Website: gensler.com

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