The Garden Metamorphosis by Preciosa Lighting enchants visitors with its sparkling crystals handcrafted to mimic the fleeting movement of butterflies and leaves in nature.

Mesmerising art pieces and whimsical décor at Changi Airport in Singapore have always warmed the hearts of travellers. This time, there’s a spectacular visual treat that would literally light up your eyes – the Garden Metamorphosis, a unique Preciosa Lighting installation designed by Anna Kralova, the project’s lead designer.

Outstanding and highly inspired, this lighting piece at the Terminal 1 Departure/Transit Hall reflects Changi Airport’s tropical garden theme, narrated in a sculptural manner that blends a unique composition of shapes and patterns found in nature. In pure artistic fashion, the installation features an organic aesthetic that flows fluidly with abstract shapes to trigger a sense of fantasy. Like its poetic name, Garden Metamorphosis evokes every moment of a garden’s perpetual transformation.

“This is the transformation that nature naturally undergoes,” Ms Kralova says. “Here, these leaves turn into butterflies which visually blend with the leaves. Just like in nature – when a butterfly sits on a flower or a leaf, it completely merges with it.”

At ten metres long and 9 metres wide, the Garden Metamorphosis beautifully punctuates the ceiling with over 650 hand-blown crystal components, including small and big butterflies and small and big single and double leaves. Each of these crystal elements was originally handcrafted at the Preciosa factory in the Czech Republic. The champagne-toned metal base is complemented by polished brass for a cosy feel, while the multi-coloured crystal components ranging from clear crystal, frosted crystal, champagne, light pink, pink to light and dark lustre gives the installation a striking effect.

A unique design process is the key to the success of the Garden Metamorphosis lighting installation. Anna Kralova shares her inspiration and the story behind this amazing lighting piece.

Q: Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us about your professional journey?

A: My name is Anna Kralova, and I live in the Czech Republic. Before this, I studied Interior Design at Glass School in our region. Currently, I work as a Junior Project Designer for Preciosa Lighting.

Q: What inspired you to choose a career in lighting design?

A: Since I was a kid, I have loved visiting glass factories, and I admired glassmakers, which led me to a career path in lighting design.

Q: What is design philosophy, and what drives your design decisions?

A: I have taken inspiration from Singapore’s nature and culture for this installation.

Q: Can you briefly take us through the Preciosa installation – Garden Metamorphosis at Changi Airport Singapore? What were the client’s brief and other unique requirements?

A: Garden Metamorphosis is a sculpture that blends in unique compositions, exploring the shapes and patterns of nature. It captures every moment of a garden’s never-ending transformation. The chandelier is inspired by a tree, from which the leaves fly and become butterflies. The butterflies are lit, and a dynamic scene has been programmed to enhance the feeling of a garden brought to life. The installation is organic and fluid, featuring abstract shapes for a sense of fantasy.

Q: What was the design process for this project like? What is your inspiration behind the design?

A: Definitely nature. The whole design process unfolds from what we see and experience in nature.

Q: What are the outstanding features of this light installation? What is the rationale behind it?

A: The whole installation is dynamic. Each butterfly has a light inside with many light-filled scenes.

Q: What are the challenges of this project? How did you and your team resolve them?

A: The whole development process took several months. We managed to produce the leaf and wings perfectly, from a design point of view, on the first try. We had gorgeous design components right from the beginning, but it turned into a challenge as we had to adjust it and because it’s an installation at an airport. Thus, Garden Metamorphosis is specially engineered to withstand the natural vibrations found at an airport. The construction of every element needs to be precise to ensure this installation is safe and stable.