Designed as a tribute to the New Bauhaus, the Aisuu Chair collection perfectly captures the essence of its predecessor while featuring an exceptional contemporary language.

Pleasing to the senses, geometrically perfect but still sensually casual in every way, the design of Aisuu Chair and Aisuu Side Chair by Swiss designer Ginger Zalaba is more than meets the eye. Behind the well-coordinated seat that balances superbly over slim, delicate legs, is a story that speaks volume of Zalaba’s love and respect for her grandfather, Otto Kolb, known in the 50s as a master of the New Bauhaus.

All through her childhood, Zalaba has always been enamoured by her grandfather’s works, especially his avant-garde furniture pieces. Upon finding some of Kolb’s sketches a couple of years ago, his bat chair design caught her eye. This chair gained much attention in the 50s, so much so that Playboy called it the “love chair”. Walter Knoll was fascinated by the design as well and subsequently went on to create a stunning upholstered version of the chair with Kolb, but it was considered too avant-garde at that time.

Fast forward to present day, Zalaba saw the contemporary potential of the chair and set out to bring its prototype to life using her distinctive design approach and language which emphasizes straight lines, sleek materials and the reduction of superfluous materials. The team at Walter Knoll was impressed by how Zalaba reinterpreted the chair in this manner. To get the chair market-ready, the team executed a few tweaks along with optimizing the ergonomics and the inclination of seat and backrest, as well as the tube wall thickness and the finishing of the leather. What transpired is Aisuu, a stunning chair collection in two variations: where the Aisuu Side Chair has a casual, roomy effect with its wings, Aisuu Chair is more upright with its geometric form.

Both the Aisuu Chair and Aisuu Side Chair come in a bronze finished framework or in black. The chairs also incorporate an elegant saddle leather, available in a wide range of colours.

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