The iconic sofa Camaleonda by Mario Bellini is back to win the hearts of design enthusiasts once again with its timeless modular system and an eco-friendly update.

Playful and whimsically timeless, the Camaleonda modular sofa designed by renowned designer Mario Bellini is truly a statement-making masterpiece. First presented in 1970, Camaleonda has now made a comeback five decades later. In this reissue by B&B Italia and Bellini, the sofa’s best features are preserved while its interior composition has been given a contemporary uplift using sustainable materials.

Both B&B Italia and Bellini have mutually agreed to maintain the 90×90 cm seat module, together with the backrest and armrest in the 2020 version of the sofa. The updated edition also keeps the original cutting pattern where generous polyurethane padding is manufactured with an innovative system of cables, hooks and rings created by Bellini in 1970. More than just elements that define the sofa’s character, these tie-rods and the rings enable the seating modules to be unhooked and recombined as desired, which result in an incredibly adaptable and dynamic sofa for today’s everchanging spaces.

For the new edition, recyclable materials form the “sandwich” structure of Camaleonda while the seat, backrest and armrests are made from wooden bases. The sofa also rests on a series of spherical feet made from beech wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

To expand Camaleonda into a complete seating landscape, Bellini developed a series of accessories called Gli Scacchi which resemble chess pieces and serve as additional tables or seats. Inspired by the game of chess, the new 2020 version features soft covers made of thick leather and calf hide with visible stitching. With their abstract yet versatile shapes, these pieces seamlessly synchronize with Camaleonda to create even more configuration possibilities.

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