Transcending mere functionality, the Ballet collection by Brand van Egmond is a symphony of light, agility and poise, paying homage to the exquisite movements of a ballerina.

In the realm where imagination meets luxury, one hotel stands out among the stars – the Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya, Thailand’s first space-themed hotel, which takes guests on a cosmic adventure from the moment they step inside. And at the heart of this mesmerising hotel is the exquisite carpets from Royal Thai, a global carpet brand renowned for drawing inspiration from diverse artistic worlds.

Royal Thai’s collaboration with the hotel is nothing short of remarkable. Their carpets, a perfect blend of artistry and functionality, grace the lobby, meeting rooms, corridors, and guest rooms, covering a staggering area of 7,250 square metres. More than just floor coverings, the carefully selected Axminster Wool/Nylon and Hand Tufted Wool carpets are designed to offer an immersive experience that captures the essence of interstellar beauty.

In terms of its spatial design, the architectural brilliance of Palmer and Turner (Thailand) and the creative interior design of Interior Vision have resulted in an artfully-curated hospitality masterpiece. At the hotel’s exterior, guests are immediately welcomed by the sight of a space shuttle poised for launch. A kinetic façade, adorned with 30,000 pieces of perforated metal, dances with the wind, mimicking the ebb and flow of celestial waves.

From its key spaces to the intimate guest suites, the celestial theme is thoughtfully woven into every corner of the hotel. Here’s where the magic of Royal Thai’s carpeting plays a vital role in elevating the space theme to new heights. With unique patterns and captivating hues, the carpets create an unmistakable futuristic vibe, striking a harmonious balance between comfort and personality.

Inside the guest rooms, the journey into the cosmos continues. Each room is meticulously designed to resemble accommodations aboard a spacecraft, and at night, a captivating light show unfolds, replicating the dazzling colours of space. Glittering constellations dance across the decorative ceilings, complemented by the soft glow of aurora-like lamplight. Underfoot, the deep blue galaxy-like motifs of Royal Thai carpets further create an ambience akin to floating in outer space, cocooning guests in total comfort and awe.