Synergistic moments are created and celebrated in the realm of interiors and furniture when two renowned brands, Autoban and Kettal, successfully collaborated to design and furnish a luxury nature-immersive resort.

Ensconced within the pristine beauty of the Maldives lies Joali Being, an unabashedly luxe nature-centric wellness resort designed by Autoban, an international multi-disciplinary studio.

At the heart of Joali Being’s philosophy is the concept of ‘weightlessness’ — a journey of shedding unnecessary excess to reconnect with nature. Indeed, Autoban’s biophilic design narrative reflects this ethos, intertwining the uniqueness of the island with the resort’s wellness mantra. The result: a ground-breaking retreat where guests are cocooned in a sense of renewal and re-connection with nature.

From the moment guests set foot on Joali Being, they are greeted by the landmark welcome jetty, a modern-day reiteration of traditional Maldivian architecture. Whimsical wooden screens and rhythmic thatched roofs set the tone for the immersive experience that awaits.

Throughout the resort, Autoban’s meticulous attention to detail is evident, with organic textures and handcrafted elements echoing the island’s natural splendour, while stunning pieces curated from a medley of high-end furniture collections by contemporary outdoor furniture studio Kettal, furnish both the interiors and outdoor living spaces.

Central to Joali Being’s allure are its 68 exclusive guest villas, each flaunting a private pool and carefully-curated interiors. Autoban’s design aesthetic permeates every corner, with transparent divisions and fluid architecture blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. Softly curving roofs and hexagonal rattan columns evoke the organic beauty of the ocean.

The resort’s communal areas are equally inviting, with terraced pavilions overlooking the shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean. Under striking thatched roofs, guests can revel in social and dining experiences surrounded by lush greenery and unobstructed ocean views. The interactive dining space, with its dramatic undulating roof inspired by beach textures, offers a convivial atmosphere nonpareil.

At its core, Joali Being is emblematic of sustainability and environmental preservation, its design harmonising with the natural landscape, preserving the island’s lush flora and fauna while offering the utmost in wellbeing and comfort. Through a delicate balance of style and simplicity, the resort beckons guests to embrace, treasure, and celebrate the beneficence of nature.

In every aspect of its biophilic design, Joali Being encapsulates the essence of nature-immersive luxury. From its thoughtfully-crafted villas to its sumptuously-designed communal spaces, the resort offers a revolutionary experience that rejuvenates mind, body, and soul.  Autoban’s vision has brought into being a veritable paradise amidst the turquoise waters of the Maldives, where guests can escape the everyday and exult in the extraordinary.

Live well, live Joali!