With its hidden reclining mechanism and seamless aesthetics, Harbor Laidback is the ideal spot for a truly relaxing experience throughout the day.

Harbor Laidback redefines relaxation in a versatile and innovative manner, evoking contemporary harmony wherever you place the armchair. Designed by Naoto Fukasawa for B&B Italia, this armchair shares its predecessors’ signature aesthetic, which brings together an inverted truncated cone shape with smooth, flowing lines.

“To me, the Harbor Laidback chair is a kind of sculpture, not just a chair. I usually sculpt the shape, starting with drawing the outline as perfectly and elegantly as possible. Making a sharp seamless edge line, then curving the 3D surface from it – this is my way to make a beautiful chair like this one,” explains Naoto Fukasawa.

Perfectly concealed within Harbor Laidback’s elegant form is a unique mechanism that allows the simultaneous movement of the backrest and the seat to fit your preferred comfort level. Just adjust the lever, which is strategically placed between the cushion and the armrest, until you reach the most comfortable position. Release the lever and the backrest will stop at your desired angle, offering you an ideal reclining position.

Featuring a swivel aluminium base with four spokes, Harbor Laidback also comes equipped with a height-adjustable upholstered headrest, distinguished by its distinctive counterweight. More details like its plush armrest and a zip that crosses the backrest add to the armchair’s laid-back appeal. Additionally, you can combine the headrest with a cosy matching footrest and a round ottoman with a removable wood tray.

A highly adaptable armchair, Harbor Laidback blends into different environments – thanks to the height of the top of the seat, which allows you to sit back and use a laptop for focused work or simply relaxing with a good book.

“When you go back to the harbour, to your home, you need your time to relax, and your body can rest on a comfortable sculpture. Harbor is your place and moment when you come home and relax.” Naoto Fukasawa says.


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