The Headlands modular carpet tile collection leads the way towards creating safe and luxurious hospitality spaces with its inspiring palette of colours designed with nature in mind.

Hospitality in the pandemic era poses unprecedented challenges from every direction. As the world slowly recovers and hotels are opening their doors again, safety and sanitary practices take priority when it comes to quality hospitality. While hygiene is crucial, aesthetics and luxury are still important elements in hospitality spaces. Here’s where carpets play a multipurpose role in creating safe spaces within a hotel setting.

Carpets do more than just cover floors; they also provide comfort and serve as a design and acoustical element. “Guests still prefer the flooring to be soft underfoot. Therefore, in such a case, carpet tiles can be used as a canvas for creating seamless and smooth visual cues which can also help promote social distance and encourage safe traffic patterns,” Carpets Inter® observes, adding that as long as carpets are appropriately disinfected, it’s a safe interior feature to use.

Designed to respond to current emerging aesthetic and practical requirements in new normal spaces, Headlands is a modular carpet tile collection that draws from the beauty of nature to offer a myriad of design possibilities. As its name suggests, this imaginative collection is inspired by the angular formations on cliff edges and how they merge and blend into a more natural soft organic form where they meet the water. Charming accent tones against an earthy, neutral-toned backdrop result in a variety of carpet tile options to suit different interior specifications.

Immensely versatile, Headlands fits seamlessly with almost any interior themes, which makes it an ideal carpet tile for hotels and resorts where different areas require their own specific atmosphere. Headlands’ coordinating combinations of complementary hues also make it possible to create the perfect ambience. For example, soft neutrals enhance guestrooms with a lush and luxurious feel while colour highlights uplift lounges and social spaces and add character to corridors and walkways. For areas designated for rest and relaxation, Headlands provides luxurious underfoot comfort along with enhanced sound absorption to create a tranquil, intimate environment.

As hygiene is a priority in hospitality spaces, Carpets Inter® 100% SDN fibre carpets can be treated with Sanitized® to prevent stains and provide infection control. Sanitized® is antiviral, hygienic, and keeps away unpleasant odours caused by the colonization of microbes. Additionally, the Headlands collection features Ecosoft® backing, which uses recycled PET bottles to ensure environmentally sustainable interiors. Ecosoft® meets all the stringent performance criteria required for modular carpets and, at the same time, outperform most conventional hardbacks in terms of durability, underfoot comfort, acoustical propensity, and indoor air quality.

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