Preciosa’s spectacular lighting pieces play a starring role in Crown Towers Hotel, uplifting the hotel’s key spaces by evoking the power of light and crystal.

Stunning vistas of Sydney’s harbourside attractions and famed bridge surround the Crown Towers Hotel, complementing the waterfront building that the hotel resides in: the iconic landmark Crown Towers. The design of the hotel itself takes inspiration from its natural landscapes while emulating the tower’s form that twirls and ascends to the sky in a dramatic fashion. Inside, the main spaces further enchant the senses with exquisite interior design and awe-inspiring Preciosa Lighting pieces to create unforgettable focal points.

“Crown Sydney was one of the biggest projects we have ever delivered. Preciosa Lighting created 130 types of chandeliers, with the final result being 475 pieces of chandeliers. Our work ranged from large-scale, dynamic, programmable staircase lighting to a fragile glass sculpture gracing the entryway to a restaurant,” Jan Volsik, Sales & Marketing Director of Preciosa Lighting, comments. “The key to success with this extensive, global project was team effort and expertise, not only from our in-house design, R&D, engineering, construction, and assembly teams but also our partners, as well as strong collaborations worldwide. The Crown Sydney is an amazing property, and we’re very pleased to help make it shine.”

Upon stepping into the bespoke foyer, a sculpted, statement staircase chandelier infuses a welcoming ambience while setting the scene with a touch of dazzling sparkle. The chandelier echoes the design of the staircase, which is reminiscent of the spiralling aesthetic of the tower’s facade. Composed of 396 crystal blades and 102 crystal blocks, the ring-like chandelier illuminates the lobby with a definitive glow. In addition, the chandelier, which combines luxury stones with metal detailing, incorporates programmable blades, resulting in a dynamic installation that allows users to change its colours to generate their preferred ambience.

Across the foyer, the reception area and podium lobby beckon the eye with two large hand-blown glass chandeliers anchoring the central space. Featuring 506 hand-blown twisted triangles that connect with one another, these crystal components were made by being pulled from the mould, rolled and blown while still hot. Their metal frames were also handcrafted into the desired shape.

The sparkling light effect continues in the Ballroom and Atrium, where slumped glass chandeliers enhance the ambience. Slumped glass is a unique technique that shapes glass over moulds at high temperatures in a kiln. In the Atrium, the smaller chandeliers incorporate 23 pieces of glass, while the Ballroom’s chandeliers comprise more than 40 glass pieces.

Further within the hotel, colourful lights twinkle across the opulent Silks restaurant. Guests are instantly presented with a beautiful work of lighting art made of glass and light where finely blown crystal leaves change colour from blue-green to yellow-gold to clear. Throughout the fixture, the glass pieces mesmerise with a blend of clear, frosted, and bubbled shapes. According to Preciosa, each leaf took about 45 minutes to craft. To enhance the lighting piece, the central structure conceals LED modules, which are highlighted by external lighting.

One of Preciosa’s most fascinating installations can be found in the hotel’s Spa & Gym. Constructed of large crystal hand-blown plates, some of them more than a metre in length, opals in the glass conjure an alluring effect to give the space a tranquil mood. Each piece is an original, handmade to capture the brand’s distinct aesthetics.

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