Big and beautiful, Molo’s strictly rectangular form emphasizes pure modular perfection, offering a multitude of configurations that ensures total respite.

With simplicity at its core, Molo expresses a pure modular form devoted to versatile comfort that flexes according to users’ desired configurations. A masterpiece by Rodolfo Dordoni, Molo’s perfectly rectangular modularity design makes it highly adaptable, fitting into different spatial scenarios effortlessly, optimizing spaces no matter how it is configured. Based on an interplay of orthogonal geometry (or the perpendicular nature of two objects intersecting), each module can be disconnected and reconnected again to establish new arrangements and different purposes. Dordoni has intentionally crafted each of the modules to be oversized to promote a sense of spacious proportion.

Molo is also kept steadfastly minimalist, which means decorative elements and non-essential frills are omitted to make way for fabric, colours and meticulously selected details to be in the limelight. The sofa collection effectively pulls together a harmony of contrasting materials to perfection. Aluminium, teak, concrete and terrain fabrics each play a significant role to carry out the collection’s aesthetic, resulting in a visually pleasing sofa set comprising sofas, a deck chair and a centre table that dances to the beat of your lifestyle preferences.

The inspiration behind Molo is a celebration of simple pleasures derived from the secured comfort of harbours that are built over open waters. “Molo, or pier in English, jetée in French and embarcadero in Spanish, is a structure built on the shores of an ocean, sea, lake or river which extends from the land over the water; a mooring place for boats, a rest between trips and a refuge from the swell of the waves. A return to terra firma and people, Molo by Kettal offers a place of relaxation and reconnection,” remarks the designer.

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