Kettal has upped its game with a pergola that packs a punch, and makes a style statement to embrace outdoor living, come rain or shine.

Step into an immersive world where outdoor living meets innovation with an updated Pavilion H, a customizable pergola raising the bar in the market. Available in various sizes within a simple or double format, it consists of an aluminium frame that supports side panels in a range of finishes depending on individual preferences, from vertical side wood slats and sheer curtains to grid planters.

This epoxy-powder coated outdoor structure also boasts an assortment of cutting-edge components, including state-of-the-art technology, waterproof aluminium and polycarbonate roofing, and stylish louvers. In short: an outdoor oasis tailored to your personal whims and fancies.

The Pavilion H transforms into a tech-savvy sanctuary at a moment’s notice, courtesy of the Kode app. From controlling lighting to adjusting fan speed, power is literally at your fingertips to create the ideal space for relaxation or entertainment.

Experience tranquillity with the minimalist-style bioclimatic roof, with its whisper-quiet operation. This roof features adjustable blades for ventilation and light control, along with an automatic rain sensor. Not only does this elevate aesthetics, but also minimizes noise pollution for a sublime outdoor experience, aligning aptly with Kettal’s commitment to cleaner, sophisticated outdoor spaces.

The Pavilion H’s watertight aluminium roof flaunts a faux wood paint finish, offering both elegance and durability. Hassle-free installation ensures protection against the elements, making it perfect for outdoor events while championing sustainability through its eco-friendly aluminium construction.

The visually striking curved transparent polycarbonate roof has been introduced to ensure effective drainage and ample natural lighting. With this innovative design, which enhances insulation for year-round comfort and eco-consciousness, occupants can now savour unobstructed overhead views while staying sheltered below.

In essence, Pavilion H is a fusion of technology, architecture, and design, offering a haven to immerse oneself in the realm of personalized outdoor luxury.