A residence characterized by the concept of humble luxury while reflecting on the experience of living, featuring local heritage and bringing outdoor energy into the home.

Located in the heart of Taipei, this residence illustrates a balance between traditional aesthetics and refreshing atmosphere characterized by the concept of artfully humble luxury to reflect on the experience of living.

The West’s heritage architecture is mainly made of stone. After being colonized by Japan in the early 20th century, Taiwan was influenced by western culture. However, the island lacked quarries while stones were expensive to excavate, therefore terrazzo offered a cost-effective flooring that is refreshing and cool to the touch, easy to clean, and perfect for tropical humid climate of the island. As a result, terrazzo became a Taiwanese favourite material as flooring of choice in homes, stores, and public buildings because of its beauty and durability.

Paying homage to Taiwan’s heritage, Taipei Residence features terrazzo throughout the home extending from the floor and walls to the kitchen table top, and bathroom finishes… creating a sophisticated yet soothing living experience.

Due to its dense population, Taipei is known for being a compact city where buildings tend to be closer together, however, one of the main features of the Taipei Residence is its unobstructed views of the city while enjoying the outdoor greenery and abundant natural lighting.

Bringing outdoor energy into the home, airy space extends throughout the flat complemented with living plants by CN Flower, which are an extension of the greenery of the outdoor foundation.

The living room features floor-to-ceiling windows benefiting from the soothing pleasures of indoor living with outdoor elements. Neutral tones are uplifted with sculptural and vivid furniture to enhance the fluidity of the space. Screen panels are placed strategically by the window to create a sense of privacy while still being able to get a peak of the city skyline.

On the other side of the living room seats the kitchen and a hidden bright private dining area to enjoy a meal or an afternoon tea with expansive views.

The Taipei Residence’s sculptural fluidity extends through layering adding depth to the overall space. The private quarters feature three semi-enclosed areas welcomed by a refreshing and airy lounge room to unwind followed by a warm study room secluded from the rest of the home is the bedroom that resembles a hidden cosy alcove.

Project: Taipei Residence
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Design Studio: AB Concept
Photo Credits: Dean Cheng
Website: abconcept.net

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