Preciosa’s Crystal Beat evokes an immersive sensory experience where design collides with music and light, transporting you to a world of wonder and enchantment.

Imagine light and music coalescing into an awe-inspiring masterpiece that sings to your soul. The Crystal Beat installation by Preciosa Lighting makes it all possible, stealing the show at the recent Euroluce 2023 with its mesmerising features that awaken our senses in a sublime manner.

Ingeniously designed by Preciosa’s Creative Directors, Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug, the Crystal Beat art installation features an intricate interplay of illuminated layers to evoke an immersive ambience that blends sound and light. Coupled with beautifully curated music, this composition of light and sound captivates visitors, beckoning them to indulge in a truly captivating and engaging journey.

“The installation at EUROLUCE synchronises a three-dimensional sound system with a spatial crystal light installation resulting in an ultimate immersive experience. As music plays from one part of the installation, the rhythm will follow, giving the impression you are “seeing” the sound,” Preciosa elaborates.

Crystal Beat is one of the unique derivations from Preciosa’s latest Signature Design, Crystal Grid, which was presented at the fair. An outstanding feature of this piece is its hand-blown bubbled crystal tubes which are geometrically suspended in an illuminated gridded structure, allowing it to envelop small and large spaces with light and energy. However, at the heart of the installation lies a series of crystal tubes, a key component crafted by hand with precision and care. Each tube boasts an organic, textural appearance, thanks to the bubbles that imbue it with a distinctive look.

To further enhance the installation’s beauty, five elegant metal surface finish options are offered, enabling the crystal tubes’ appearance to be uniquely customised to perfection. Whether a bright or matte finish is preferred, the end result will complement diverse design specifications and create a truly personal experience. With its seamless fusion of technology, design, and art, both Crystal Grid and Crystal Beat truly exemplify Preciosa’s unique vision to create mesmerising pieces that push the boundaries of design.

Other notable installations by Preciosa at Euroluce and Milan Design Week include Breath of Light (2018), Carousel of Light (2019), and Composition in Crystal (2022), which further reflects Preciosa’s passion and mission to connect people through the light while leading us towards a new perspective of the luminous world.

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