A bespoke companion for Arper’s sofa collection, the Saul table system evokes a lightweight expression while commanding a strong presence with its graceful form.

Made as a heavenly match for Arper sofas and soft furnishings, the Saul table system designed by Jean-Marie Massaud plays an essential role in complementing the brand’s sofa collection to produce a distinctive ambience that is personal yet versatile.

“Saul is a collection of tables that help to create a real landscape and life scenario that fit with Arper’s different kinds of sofa systems,” Massaud explains. “At Arper, the liberty of design has to be universal based on the idea of simplicity and basic language but with a little bit of emotion like Arper is always doing. The first take is to propose to the architects a vocabulary, a simple vocabulary for them to create their own story and so it’s not a product which plays the protagonist too much.”

As a faithful ally to accompany Arper’s collection of couches – like the Steeve and Sean range, its bold yet delicate lines blend in elegantly while enhancing the overall collection with a cohesive, emotive theme. When it takes the stage as a standalone anchor piece, luscious materials that make up its tabletop give it a solid presence even when its lightweight appearance is prominent.

Saul is intentionally simple from top to bottom, expressing an edgy sense of grace. From the top, a sleek plane perches comfortably over aluminium legs, conveying durability in juxtaposition of its minimalist form. The table top itself is highly customizable: there are options for marble finishing or, for those who desire a sensual tactile appearance, the black silk-screened smoked glass creates a diverse ambience wherever it is placed.  The table’s slender legs are also available in different heights (28,5, 36,5, or 42,5 centimetres) as well as a variety of configurations to suit tabletops in various shapes and sizes, from a small or large square to a round circular top or a rectangular surface.