The Crystal Spin lighting installation by Preciosa unites art, design, and nature to celebrate the beauty of the Arctic in the most intricate way.

Highly imaginative and exquisitely made to inspire and impress our senses, Crystal Spin conjures the colourful swirls of polar lights that grace the Arctic sky. A showstopper at this year’s Milan Design Week, this lighting piece pays tribute to the immense beauty of nature while evoking a dazzling vibe wherever it is placed.

“With Crystal Spin, Preciosa’s latest Signature Design, delightful lighting visions come to life,” Preciosa says. “This lighting installation is also the inspiration for our “Composition in Crystal” exhibition during Milan Design Week.”

Created by Vasku & Klug, Marilies Wedl, and Šárka Olivová, the inspiration behind Crystal Spin is derived from the mesmerising icicles and polar lights found in the Arctic. With its unique design, Crystal Spin’s handcrafted cylinders generate a sparkling sensation akin to the winter sun reflecting off strands of ice. According to Preciosa’s design team, Crystal Spin’s flexibility is reminiscent of the swirls of light arising from polar lights and how they dance across the darkened sky in a visually captivating manner. At first impression, Crystal Spin instantaneously becomes a fascinating point of focus in any space.

“Crystal Spin is an energetic concept; it resonates with light and sparkle,” says Michael Vasku, Creative Director for Preciosa Lighting and one of the designers of Crystal Spin. “The flexibility of Crystal Spin’s structure brings luxury crystal lighting designs to unexpected places. We believe our approach will be as inspiring to designers as it was to us.”

With a flexible design concept at its core, Crystal Skin is meticulously crafted to shift in space through shape and sparkle. Two essential parts highlight its customisable linear structure to convey a visually engaging form. First are the crystal components which allow designers to select the rod, colour, and finish they desire to achieve their artistic vision. The second element is Crystal Spin’s malleable frame. Designers can maneuver the shape to fit their design and complement it with their choice of finishing. The flexible nature of the frame makes room for a wide range of design possibilities, for instance, installing Crystal Spin in atriums and skylights.

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