LASVIT’s awe-striking installations at St. Regis Jakarta are a sublime fusion of form and function that elevate the experience of space into a new dimension of style.

Amidst the vibrant and bustling capital of Indonesia, a sense of harmony and calm reverberates from the upscale St. Regis Jakarta hotel. This serene oasis was brought to life by LASVIT, a premier spatial concept company based in the Czech Republic, which was approached by the Rajawali Property Group to infuse a breathtaking ambience within the luxurious five-star hotel. The collaboration resulted in a mesmerising installation aptly called Sound of Light, where a dazzling interplay of glass and light harmonises with live piano music in the hotel lobby.

With a composition of 1,192 Bohemian crystal glass pieces and dynamic lighting effects, Sound of Light is an incredible showcase of music in artistic motion. Petra Junová, the mastermind behind this installation, describes it as an ambitious blend of music and art to enliven Jakarta’s cityscape. “Sound of Light is an art piece that responds to music and creates a cosy and peaceful atmosphere in the lobby. At the same time, it is a very complex contemporary glass installation,” Junová shares.

Complex yet ethereal, Sound of Light is concealed ingeniously within a subtle gold-coloured metallic framework with an extensive electrical system requiring 10 km of cabling. From the manufacturing of the glass to the programming and wiring of the dynamic lighting, each component was executed with precision and skill by LASVIT’s in-house specialists.

As guests make their way further into the hotel, two other bespoke installations by LASVIT present yet another pleasant surprise. The first installation, a stunning tribute to the volcanic relief of Indonesia, graces the ballroom with its radiant glow, while the second installation, inspired by the melodious shape of a saxophone, lends its charm to the jazz bar.

Designed by Martin Gallo, the ballroom installation, which spans forty metres across, is inspired by the awe-inspiring landscape of Indonesia and the exquisite Czech crystal glass. Beyond crafting a beautiful piece, Gallo also creatively incorporated the ballroom’s columns into his artwork. The textured glass, featuring patterns reminiscent of flowing lava, not only enhances the space aesthetically but also serves a practical purpose in supporting the ceiling.

At the jazz bar, LASVIT’s glass installation adorning the central area evokes an elegant yet inviting atmosphere where guests can sit back to enjoy the music. A true marvel of artistry, the installation resembles saxophone flaps and imbues the surroundings with a cosy glow, setting the tone for a truly unforgettable musical experience.