Nikko Style attracts travellers looking for a unique travel experience by offering the chance to fully immerse in the local culture, which awakens the senses and stimulates curiosity.

As the first lifestyle hotel brand by Okura Nikko Hotels, Nikko Style Nagoya aims to attract travellers seeking new and unique travel experiences. Designed by Gensler, Nikko Style Nagoya caters to the interests and tastes of guests who value culture, health, the environment, and a one-of-a-kind hotel experience. The entire space, from the hotel entrance to the public lobby, dining areas, and guest rooms, is designed to create a welcoming atmosphere that permeates throughout the entire hotel.

Rich in history, traditional crafts, and food, Nagoya has actively promoted the performing arts since the Edo period and is also known as the “Nagoya of the Arts.” The city has long been a place where different peoples and cultures interact, attracting visitors from all over Japan and the world to experience its unique culture.

The hotel aims to incorporate Nagoya’s unique local character to give guests a more authentic experience of the city. To this end, the hotel features local craftsmanship, including room signs inspired by Seto pottery, mirrors inspired by Shachihoko, and ornaments featuring designs from Arimatsu-shibori, a traditional Nagoya tie-dye.

The hotel features local craftsmanship, aiming to give guests a more authentic experience of Nagoya city. Seto pottery influenced the design used for the room signs, which feature six patterns based on local food and symbols. The lift hall signs feature lily flowers, the symbol of Nagoya City, with the number of floors represented by the number of flowers. Upon entering the room, guests are welcomed with glass reliefs and gold foil art glass inspired by the scales of Shachihoko, a symbol of the Nagoya castle. Additional touches, such as Shachihoko ornaments, coffee cups inspired by Mino pottery, and cushions inspired by Arimatsu-shibori, a traditional Nagoya tie-dyeing technique, help guests to fully immerse themselves in the local culture.

Large windows allow natural light to enter the space, seamlessly blending the indoor and outdoor areas and enhancing the warm and cozy ambiance at the entrance. The ceiling piece, inspired by the Shachihoko, is projection-mapped with ethereal light that changes throughout the day, welcoming both the local community and travellers. At night, the skylights in the communal lounge and restaurant are illuminated, providing a distinct experience as compared to the daytime.

Nikko Style Nagoya offers guests a new and innovative style of travel through a fusion of Japanese hospitality and local culture, cuisine, and creative experiences. The lobby lounge also provides unique opportunities for immersion in art and music, such as comedy performances by English Rakugo storytellers, workshops on traditional Japanese culture and art, and live DJ events.

To create a relaxing atmosphere and avoid repetition, a diverse selection of lounge music has been carefully chosen by musicians and played throughout the day in seven segments, each corresponding to a different time of day. The background music blends seamlessly into the environment and operates on the subconscious of the guests, creating a sense of calm. This is further enhanced by the hotel’s original blend of coffee, crafted by a popular local coffee shop specifically for Nikko Style Nagoya.

Nikko Style Nagoya offers a unique and special experience for all visitors through its combination of traditional culture and modern design, creating a uniquely Nagoya charm.

Project: Nikko Style
Location: Nagoya, Japan
Design Studio: Gensler
Photo Credits: Masahiro Taketomi / Yumi Shimizu / Hiroyuki Mori

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