Ahn Luh opens on Qiandaohu, or Thousand Island Lake, alongside clear, calm waters and lush tropical gardens.

Five star Ahn Luh resort on the secluded and exotic Qiandao Lake, or Thousand Island Lake brings a new level of sophistication to the brand while maintaining a tranquil environment to blend with its lush surroundings. The man-made lake, located in the Zhejiang province, has over one thousand islets that sustain exotic wildlife, caves and mountains filled with flourishing trees and plants. The resort maintains harmony with its environment, blending into nature with a gentle footprint.

“Our natural colour palate and use of the expansive and ubiquitous views gives the guest an immersive experience,” says HBA Partner Connie Puar. “Bespoke furniture was created to be harmonious with the land, yet contemporary and sophisticated to match the brand aesthetic.” Ahn Luh focuses on the legacy of China’s rich history, traditions, heritage and culture to richly evoke the past and present, creating a sense of place with genuine indigenous motifs.

The palette used throughout the resort was inspired by the colours of nature, carefully selected to ensure a gentle merging of exterior and interior spaces, achieving a serene and peaceful oasis with a flair of sophistication and elegance. Surrounded by the beautiful, calm water of the lake and its green gardens, guests will be greeted with bamboo trees that line the pavements to their villas. A serene sanctuary for the senses unfolds into a welcoming lobby, with a central outdoor fireplace sitting in the middle of a reflecting pool. Latticed windows, bespoke dark wood furniture and stunning artwork set the tone for a rich influence of Jiangnan architecture, making lasting memories in the finest resort at Qiandaohu.

A Chinese Medicine Room is located next to the lobby lounge and is staffed by professional and experienced Chinese medicine consultants. The palette was transpired from ancient Chinese medicine rooms, with warm grey tones taking centre stage for upholstery, and red throw pillows to symbolize energy and vitality. Local dark grey stone lines the floor and a Chinese herbal apothecary chest made of dark wood give a warm contrast in this room. Surrounded by lush greenery with a view of the lake, this space embodies thousands of years of Chinese history.

The villas harness a perfect balance between historic and modern design entities inspired by China’s years of the rich heritage of culture and craftsmanship.  All villas are manicured with beautifully kept gardens and a courtyard with a balcony that faces the spectacular views of Qiandao Lake. A rich colour palette emulating the colours of the calm lake includes hues of warm grey, Ming blue and turquoise. Elegant, dark grey local stone and dark wood carry throughout the property. All villas are thoughtfully designed and equipped with the modern traveller’s security, comfort and productivity in mind. In addition to the latest technological amenities, walk-in wardrobes, ensuite laundry and marble bathrooms with large soaking tubs and glass-enclosed rainforest showers pamper guests. Villas are the heart and soul of the resort, fulfilling guests’ sense of pleasure and making them feel at home.

The all-day dining space is situated next to a contemporary Chinese courtyard. Bamboo-inspired interiors create a fusion of local culture and modernity. The walls and columns are lined with grey Chinese bricks, handmade from local kiln, while local, dark grey stone in a natural finish makes up the floors. Red niches with white art installations resembling school of fish punctuate the wall to direct guests to the semi-private dining area.

Ahn Luh’s spa rituals originate from the healing traditions of ancient China, exotic Bali, spiritual India and the sacred land of Tibet. Authentic oriental health care, a well-designed environment and supreme service allow guests to relax, meditate and recover physical strength. Ahn Luh Spa conjures the relaxation of body and soul, balancing with nature both physically and psychologically. In the Tai-Chi room, traditional Chinese medicine and a rejuvenating pool supplement one’s overall health needs. Guests can choose to enjoy services in a typical treatment room, or in a relaxing treehouse-like VIP room.

Project: Ahn Luh Qiandao Lake
Location: Hangzhou City, Zhejiang, China
Design Studio: HBA
Photography: Will Pryce
Website: hba.com