The Middleweight sofa set pulls its own weight to offer the best of two worlds in terms of Italian aesthetic and Danish versatile comfort.

For the very first time, London-based designer Michael Anastassiades has created an upholstered furniture piece for Danish furniture brand Karakter. Named Middleweight, the collection features a luxuriously cosy two-seater and three-seater sofa, an armchair and pouffe.

Middleweight is unique in the sense that it is designed as an Italian super lounge sofa on one side, while on the other it is a compact Danish box sofa. Plush cushions are firmly held together by zippers atop a slender open steel frame. From the side, the frame resembles the sharp edges of folded paper.

“This was my first sofa design, but actually the biggest surprise didn’t come until the product was finalised – when we stood there, looking at the actual sofa, and it looked exactly like what I had in my head,” remarks Anastassiades. “It is a great satisfaction as a designer. You can’t accelerate the process of design. An idea has to come when the time is right.”

With its versatile yet modern design, Middleweight fits perfectly into hospitality spaces like lobbies, waiting lounges, guest suites, and common areas. Frames are available in black, blue, and khaki, while the upholstery comes in a variety of colours featuring shades of green and blue as well as neutral tones.

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