A unique travel experience awaits guests of Le Méridien Dhaka.

The design for Le Meridien Dhaka was inspired by the unique brand standards of LM to offer a sophisticated hotel experience with a modern design infused with a true sense of place. It aims to engage and inspire creative and curious minded travellers with discovery moments of locale, culture, cuisine, and art. Le Meridien’s brand standards with keywords like contemporary chic, the juxtaposition of old and new, the contrast in palates with an accent colour, moments of discovery, and a sense of place set a tone for the overall design scheme. Art Gallery inspired setting for the public areas, a rendezvous for the congregation of local and foreign art. A sense of place through various abstract forms of topography and organic form of surrounding rivers can be felt in every area of the hotel, infusing the heritage of the brand itself in FBEYE’s design.

The all-day dining concept features an open-plan kitchen, live cooking islands, and a juice and shake bar. The new dining concept is open plan, with design features such as floor to ceiling windows and grand high ceilings, as the use of natural, as well as glass materials. There are pockets of glass displays with sculptural artwork collected by the owner. The selection of fabrics is kept vibrant and energetic in keeping with the youthful design of Le Meridien concept.

Favola is Le Meridien’s contemporary Italian fare, divided up into three main sections, private dining, live cooking, and main dining, the design plays host to vaulted ceilings, brick barrel roof, exposed brick walls, display cabinets, and rustic timber floors.

An eclectic mix of furniture ensures the casual feel, whilst leathers and rich upholstery fabrics ooze Italy.

The design for the English bar was drawn from the traditional English pubs found all over UK since early 1900s. The style has remained constant for many years now until the introduction of the gastro bar recently. The roof design for the English bar follows the patterns extracted from the traditional Chippendale English mouldings and styling.

The overall design theme for the executive club lounge exudes professionalism, restraint, and certain gravitas, a space that conveys a formal and respectable character. The patterns on the partitions, walls, ceiling, and carpets are linear and they complement each other and tie back to the cartography theme running throughout the hotel.

Taking inspiration from the Le Meridien Brand Heritage, the carpets in typical guestrooms represent the sonic boom of the “Air France Concorde, being the first owners of LM brand”

The roof patterns represent the contours on a map, in this case, the location of the hotel to infuse a sense of place. The ceiling lamps are a modern interpretation of the traditional water containers found in Dhaka City.

Brown and Grey is the colour tone for the typical bathroom. Fantasia Brown marble is used on the vanity counters and the wall in the bathroom. The Grey granite is used on the floors and entrance walls.

The design theme from the main lobby follows through and is continued in the Presidential suite. Laser-cut MDF Board with lacquer paint finish on the headboard and ceiling highlights the city’s road system, with the blue wall being a printed fabric from a local interpretation of a floral pattern, the accent punch colour. The window is designed as a picture frame, framing views of Dhaka City.

Project: Le Méridien
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Design Studio: FBEYE International
Photo Credits: Masano Kawana Photography
Website: f-b-eye.com